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Sumner Village

Sumner from above

If you are a Sumner resident and/or run a business that provides goods or service within the Sumner area, you can list your business details on the directory for free.  This is a directory for people, businesses, organisations and the like based in Sumner.

If you'd like to be included, or make a correction, contact us. Listings are free.

Some businesses are not operating due to earthquake damage. These are labelled 'damaged' in the listing. Click on their links for any further information that we have.

Individual business websites may also not reflect current circumstances. The best policy is to ring or email the owner before making your plans.


Registered users can create new directory organisations. You will need to register first. Please note that your listing won't appear until we have had a chance to check it. Log in or register here

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Beauty and Natural Therapy

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Closed due to earthquake damage

Professional Services

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Care, Medical and Emergency

Sports, Recreation, Leisure and Entertainment

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Organisations, Associations and Groups