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Sumner Police

Sumner Police Station is currently closed and occupied by the Sumner Community Residents Association Hub

Call 111 (Ask for Police) if:

  • Someone is badly injured or in danger.
  • There's a serious risk to life or property.
  • A crime is being committed and the offenders are still there or have just left.
  • You've come across a major public inconvenience, like trees blocking a state highway.
  • Any of these things are happening now or have just happened (e.g. tagging).

Call 363 7400 (ChCh Central) if:

  • A crime has been committed and the offenders are no where to be seen.
  • If tagging is sighted, if possible take a photo of tag and email to GraffitiProgramme@ccc.govt.nz.  Include information such as nearest street address or landmark of the tag, what surface the tag is on (fence, ground, container etc), if the tag is offensive, your contact details.
  • Lost and found property.

Located at 68 St Asaph Street (cnr St Asaph and Antigua Streets).

Call 378 0213 (Lyttelton) if:

(Ask for Alex Wearne - 027 432 5896)

  • Call your local police station for general non-emergency and historic incidents only. 

Lyttelton Police Station, 7-9 Sumner Rd. 378 0200

Latest police updates http://www..police.govt.nz/christchurch-earthquake

Phone 326 4300

57 Nayland St
Christchurch 8081