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Our Lady Star of the Sea

Our Lady Star of the Sea

Primary School

Our Lady, Star of the Sea School is an integrated Catholic school for boys and girls from Year 0 to Year 8.

The school is situated in the seaside suburb of Sumner, on the outskirts of Christchurch.   Situated next to the Catholic Parish of the same name, we play a vital part in Parish life including liturgy and prayers at the monthly family Mass.  The Parish community in turn participates in the school's many special events.

The structure consists of 5 attractive, well equipped classrooms and an exciting library.  The spacious playing fields cater for a wide range of sporting activities and has a challenging adventure playground for all ages.

At the heart of the school are 130 excited students, 12 enthusiastic staff and a large group of willing and hard working parents.


 Encourage children to be familiar with the Civil Defence message in the back of the phone book.

If Inside:
  • Remain inside.
  • Kneel under nearest desk or table with head covered by arms and backs to windows.
  • Stay in this position until told to move.

If outside:
  • Keep clear of all buildings and power lines.
  • Move by the clearest route to the assembly point.

Teacher’s Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all pupils are adequately under cover and protected from breaking glass or falling objects.
  • Turn off electricity.
  • Select safest route for evacuation when it is ordered.

  • Keep children away from buildings and power lines.
  • Select safest route in assembly area.
  • The Principal will order evacuation from the buildings.
  • Depending on the severity of the quake the secretary will notify the Fire Brigade, Police, Civil Defence.
  • Re-entry to classrooms will be decided by the Principal
  • Teachers should remember that in an earthquake there will be no time to review the regulations. Please make yourself familiar with the routine.


  1. Principal raises the alarm (long, short, long, short) and contacts the C.C.C and local radio stations.
  2. Teachers and Support Staff to check designated areas and join rest of the school as per fire / earthquake regulations.
  • Room 1 – Boys Junior Toilets.
  • Room 2 – Girls Junior Toilets
  • Room 3 – Workroom, ICT Room and Senior Toilets.
  • Room 4 – Resource Area.
  • Librarian– Reading Recovery, Art Room and Library.
  • Teacher Aide - Hall
  1. All line up on the netball court as per fire / earthquake regulations.
  2. Roll call will be taken immediately on yellow emergency lists. Teachers will then report to the Principal.
  3. Evacuation notice and map to be displayed on office door informing parents of evacuation point.
  4. Children walk to 51 Heberden Ave as a school
  5. Ring C.C.C. informing them of our arrival and the number of children remaining.

See Earthquake Regulations SOS.doc 936.50 kB See Tsunami Regulations SOS.doc 935.00 kB

Phone 326 5315


45 Colenso St
Christchurch 8081