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6 WEEKS BEGINNING TUESDAY 12TH MARCH at Sumner St Leonards Club Room , Tuesdays 7-8pm
Beginners Pilates is a class aimed to introduce you to an increased understanding and awareness of Pilates principles, to promote core strength, relaxation, flexibility and to increase mind body awareness.
Cost: $78 for 6 weeks payable before the first class to confirm your place


A prerequisite to participate in the class is a 1 hour one to one session with our APPI trained Physiotherapist. This is to complete a health screen, postural assessment and to be taught the principles of Pilates and tailored beginner exercises.  Cost: $80 for one hour or $65 with relevant ACC claim.  Spaces are limited so call now to book!

Current Classes Very Limited Spaces!

Our current classes with Kate and Justine have been very popular and now have very limited spaces for those a little more experienced.  We still require those who have some pilates experience but have not participated in a Physio NZ class to complete a 30min one to one session with our APPI trained Physiotherapist. This is to ensure you are safe to participate in the class and to review your current ability so exercises can be tailored to your level.
Cost: $45 for 30mins or $25 with relevant ACC claim. 

Next 6 week block begins:

Following are the dates for the next pilates classes in Sumner and Woolston:-
24 April Sumner 10.30am (Intermediate)
7 May Sumner 6pm (Intermediate)
7 May Sumner 7pm (Beginners)
9 May Sumner 7.30pm (Intermediate)

The classes are $78 for six weeks.  Anyone who is new to the classes needs to book a one hour session with the physio before joining a 6 week class, the one hour one on one with the physio is $80 or if they have an ACC claim $65.

Please note, you will need to bring your own mats to the class*

Phone 326 6225


46 Nayland St
Christchurch 8081