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17 March 2019

Q housesitting/renting Looking to house-sit from June 2019

Our lovely Sumner-based family is expanding in June and my folks (from up north) are looking at coming down for a period of time to give us a hand - they're open minded to how long this stay might be.

Primarily interested in house-sitting (1-2 bedroom) options from Sumner through to Heathcote - however, will consider renting and properties outside these suburbs also.

They are reliable, kind and all-round great people - with a keen interest in gardening. My father has 40+ years experience in the painting and decorating industry. Both happy to utalise these interests and skills to help out with relevant home care.

Should you have anything available or know of anyone worth touching base with - please contact:
Giulia | giuliaborgiolijones@gmail.com

All thoughts welcome thanks!