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Eastender Group Track Maintenance

Track work

The Eastenders are a group of (mostly) retired men who meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Monday from 9am-12pm. The group was initially set up by members of the Summit Road Society but membership is not a prerequisite. See www.summitroadsociety.org.nz for more information.

Due to retirements and people moving away we are always looking for people to boost numbers. The only requirements are a love of the hills and a sense of humour!  Tools needed are usually those found in any garden shed - spades, shovels, grubbers and loppers.

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We are all volunteers and work from 9am to 12pm on two Mondays a month on the Port Hills, usually the eastern end between Sumner and Castle Rock. Building and maintaining tracks, weed control and vegetation clearing. However since the quakes we have been helping the Port Hills Rangers with track work all over the place! Recent work has included re-opening the track through Barnett Park to the Summit Road (the Eastenders track) and resurfacing tracks in Victoria Park. At present we are helping to build a new access to the Captain Thomas Track on the western side of Evans Pass.