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Plenty to Share SumnerFoodSwap

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Plenty to Share SumnerFoodSwap is restarting in Spring 2013 at the Sumner Van Asch Community Garden. 

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Here’s what to expect!!

  • Bring along any produce, seeds or seedlingsyou are happy to part with. If you don’t have any of these you could also bring some baking, preserves, even some music or just sweet chat.


  • Bring as much as you are happy to give away and hopefully you find someone has brought something you can take in return. It is your responsibility to ensure the quality of your offering and explain where it came from, etc.
  • There will be a BBQ and potluck dinner happening too so feel welcome to bring some food to eat. All welcome including the kids!
  • The garden will be open from 4pm too so come earlier to do some gardening
  • You can come along with nothing too, no problem!


Shane Orchard Ph (021) 318548

Dave de Castro Ph (021) 2217737

Also keep in touch with this and other local food projects by joining the  Sumner Local Food Group  

or like us on facebook!  www.facebook.com/SumnerLocalFood

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