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Sustainable Living Series

The next series is yet to be set.  If you are interested to attend the next round of classes, please register your interest here !!

Save money and help the planet, at home!

Classes held in Mt Pleasant for Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant, Heathcote Valley, Lyttleton & Ferrymead residents.

Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.  Options available:

Whole series $40, or single sessions $10 each ($15 for Saturday).

2013 Series 

Tue 12 Feb, 7 – 9pm with Jocelyn

Tue 19 Feb, 7 – 9pm with Rhys

Tue 26 Feb, 7 – 9pm with Rhys

Tue 5 Mar, 7 – 9pm with Jocelyn

Sat 9 Mar, 9:30am – 2pm with Rhys & Jocelyn

Course Tutors

Rhys Taylor

Rhys Taylor

Rhys is a Sustainability Consultant, an accredited Natural Step Advisor; a Community Educator, an Editor & Researcher, and is contracted as National Coordinator for Sustainable Living Education Trust  - an independent, local government supported, community education programme. 

Contact 021 462 260



Jocelyn Papprill

Information about Jocelyn coming soon.

Contact 027 222 0395





Tuesday sessions (four) held at Mt Pleasant Community Centre (portacom building), 3 McCormicks Bay Rd.

Saturday session (one) venue to be advised.

How to book

BOOK ONLINE or contact Marnie Kent on 326 4144.   All payments made to Sumner Community Residents Assoc. a/c 031355 0703906 02 or post chq to PO Box 17 608 Sumner 8840 or pay on the night.

Course Content

Facilitation: While Rhys and Jocelyn facilitate each session, the Sustainable Living programme is designed so that we learn from each other. Feel free to contribute to each session. In each session you will receive supporting information. You have a choice to get it electronically or hardcopy.

Community Resilience

Life’s challenges can come in little packages, or be delivered in bulk. How individuals, families and communities cope with adversity isn’t just a matter of character or luck, it’s a reflection of how resilient they are. And resilience is something that can be developed.  In this Sustainable Living session, we’re going to look at how you can make ourselves and our communities better able to cope with challenges, and how living sustainably is an important part of that process.

Energy efficiency

We use energy to heat our homes, to power a train or a bus... our ipods and mobiles all use energy. Without controllable energy there would be no TV, no computers and no cars. A lot of the comfort we experience in our 21st C lives and most of the production of essential items is related to our easy access to energy in its different forms, and to cheap oil energy, too. Electricity prices have risen 50% since 1999 too, so maybe not cheap! Did you know that more than $1 billion each year is spent by New Zealand households just to keep warm, heat water and run appliance?  This topic helps us become more energy efficient, concentrating on electricity use, ventilation and fuels.

Eco-building design and insulation

Sustainable design and materials for your home - Building sustainably means finding ways to maximise the energy efficiency of your home, and to use materials that have a low environmental impact and create a healthy living environment.

Window placement and sizing - A fact sheet containing information and recommendations on the sizing and placement of windows to maximise winter sun penetration, while minimising excessive summer heat gain and winter heat loss is available.

Travel options and carbon impacts

For those with regular income, car use is affordable and very popular. However, mass car use brings with it real costs, both for the planet and for society. Most of the benefits and some costs are felt by the owner-users, whilst many other costs affect all the population, including non- car users and the natural environment. What costs are these?

Shopping with the planet in mind

Most of the items in our homes have been purchased, and most by us. We make a few items, and grow a few, and receive some as gifts, inheritances or as exchanges - but the majority comes in from our household members’ shopping.

So what we purchase, and how much, can make a significant difference to the household’s environmental impact. Discussions about our shopping habits usually causes some honest revelations and guilty laughter! Don't be shy in this session.

One part of this session is about waste reduction with respect to home cleaning products. Previous generations survived very well without the range of manufactured chlorine bleaches, aerosol sprays, ammonia cleaners and petroleum-based detergent powders we use. ........ we may get a chance to share & try out new recipes for alternative cleaning products.

The following sessions will be held on the Saturday in a garden where we can see, touch and experiment 9.30am to 2pm

Gardening with nature, food & waste reduction, including composting
We buy prepared foods in packaging material that's often not recyclable; and don't grow much fresh fruit and veges for ourselves. Many young people grow up not knowing how to garden, make compost, to preserve surplus crops or to cook (but it's never too late to start enjoying this).

Water use and protection

We can make a difference in our homes, by conserving the water we use and making sure that what we tip down the drain isn’t going to harm the natural water environment.

Useful links

Sustainable Living Education Trust - www.sustainableliving.org.nz

Carbon calculator for households - www.carbonzero.co.nz/calculators  

Transition Towns - www.transitiontowns.org.nz  

Permaculture Trust - www.permaculture.org.nz  

Community Gardens & Organic food growing- www.organicfooddirectory.co.nz/community_gardens.php

Share comments & ‘blog' on the web - www.ecobob.co.nz

Out of our Own Back Yards - www.ooooby.org/

Residents' Association and Community groups

Sumner Local Food Group - www.sumnercommunity.org.nz/Community-Groups/Local-Food

Mt Pleasant - www.mpcc.org.nz

Heathcote Valley - www.heathcotevalley.org.nz/heathcote-valley-community-association.html

Redcliffs - www.redcliffsinfo.org/

Ferrymead-Brookhaven - www.ferrymead-brookhaven.blogspot.co.nz/

Lyttelton - www.lyttelton.net.nz/

Sustainable Living Workshop

Save money and help the planet, at home!  Classes are targeted at people living in the Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant, Heathcote Valley, Lyttleton & Ferrymead residents.  Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.  Options available:

Whole series $40 or single session $10 ($15 for Saturday session)

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Register for next session

Dates for the next Sustainable Living Series have not been set yet.  Register your expression of interest to be kept up to date for the next course