A list of key stakeholder contacts

Links and contacts for various earthquake related information.

CERA Community Representatives

The community forum has been established by Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) Minister Gerry Brownlee to provide him with information and advice on earthquake recovery matters.  It consists of 38 members (3 from Sumner) from a wide cross-section of the Canterbury community representing business and ethnic interests, as well as residents associations and groups.

Community Connect via Skype

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Connect with your family and friends all around the world on Skype for free.  You can see your caller on video live as you talk to each other - a great way of seeing the grandchildren as if they were right in front of you. 

This service is provided by the Sumner Community Residents Association

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Community Hub


The Sumner Community Residents Hub is open Monday to Friday 10am – 12pm (Except public holidays) 

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The hub provides Resources, Information and Funding Advice.  Pop in to see us at 57 Nayland Street!

Community Newsletters


Newsletters are hand delivered to the community.

This service is provided by the Sumner Communications Group and supported by the Sumner Community Residents Association

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Community Noticeboard


Advertise items and events.

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Community Street Post Signs


Need help to promote your community project or event? 

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Disaster Response


We are here to assist in the event of a major disaster by enabling a co-ordinated group with an appropriate structure, volunteers, resources and contacts to cope with being cut off for 5 days.

Funding Support


Funding is often a struggle for community groups, but in most cases it comes down to knowing who to approach and how.

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Hall and Venue Hire

The Sumner Community have many venues available to use.

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Red Stickered


The Red Stickered Group is for those whose homes are uninhabitable either through earthquake damage or from the threat of rockfall.

Originally set up for Sumner residents, the Red Stickered Group now runs an announcement list for Port Hills Red Stickered residents.

Running an Event

Get the right help on what you need to know when running an Event.

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SCRA Noticeboard


For Sumner Community Resident Association items only (Located between Time & time and Milou)

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Street Coordinator

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Street coordinators play a vital role in communities by sharing important information and offering support.  Each street coordinator will be supported by area and regional coordinators who filters relevant safety and important information that relates to the Sumner area.  Residents can consult with their street coordinators to discuss concerns during the recovery after a disaster and safety issues.

Urban Design

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The Sumner Urban Design Group are a group of local group of residents who believe that the destruction of the 2011 earthquakes should be an opportunity to enhance Sumner's public areas - to rethink and re-imagine our beautiful seaside village. 

  • Sumner Master Plan.
  • Sumner Village Centre Master Plan.
  • Christchurch Coastal Pathway.


Your community needs you.  Through volunteering you can meet people, learn new skills and feel good from your efforts.  Sign up today and make a difference!