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Community Street Post Signs


Need help to promote your community project or event? 

This service is provided by the Sumner Community Residents Association

Contact us to book one or more street post signs for free.

The Sumner Residents Association has a supply of resources to help local community groups/organisations/associations to  promote and support their projects/activities.  There is only a cost to activities/projects that are for commercial purposes.

Contact secretary@sumnerresidents.co.nz or 326 3048


The dimensions for the sign are 450mm wide x 600mm high.  Order your sign from Sabre Signs located at 347 St Asaph St, phone: 0800 722 737.  Cheapest cost you will find anywhere at $57.50 (incl GST) for 4 signs.

Velcro dots


You only need the female (soft) side of the velcro dots.  Best to purchase white colour.


Front view


Side view


Place the female velcro onto the male dot on the board.  All male velcros are placed in the exact location on every board.


Male velcro on the board, female velcro on the sign.

Christchurch City Council - Signboards in public places policy

To book, contact secretary@sumnerresidents.co.nz or contact 326 3048