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Disaster Response Group


We are here to assist in the event of a major disaster by enabling a co-ordinated group with an appropriate structure, volunteers, resources and contacts to cope with being cut off for 5 days.

Below are the objectives of the group, the structure and what we will be doing. Up until now we have kept the group small but now we need your assistance, if you can give it, to grow the group into a cohesive and effective community organisation


  1. There is an effective disaster response group with a plan to manage in a disaster
  2. There is a structure and people to fill that structure (with back ups and a manual to assist)
  3. We will have the resources and method of communication to look after those made homeless, the elderly and the vulnerable
  4. We will co-ordinate with local and external agencies for assistance and information
  5. We will have a group of volunteers who will assist and know their roles
  6. We have a dedicated home at the Sumner Rugby Pavilion and the resources ready to go to enact our planimmediatelyfollowing the disaster.
  7. Non vulnerable residents will be prepared so as not to tax emergency resources
  8. We will be the centre for information for the community
  9. People will know where we are and what we do

What’s in, Whats out?

  • We will be responsible for the ensuring residents ‘get through’ the emergency, providing care for the homeless or vulnerable.
  • We will not be responsible for medical assistance – though we will co-ordinate with the Sumner Fire Department and Medical Centre.
  • We will provide information for local residents
  • We will ensure there is enough water and provisions for the community in an emergency situation

When do we activate?

As we are here to assist the vulnerable (elderly, frail and young families) and our neighbours, the need should be obvious- Water being cut off for an extended time, Sumner being cut off, collapsing buildings. This happened in the Feb and June events but not December.

What does the Disaster Response Group do?

See below for a pictorial overview

  1. First Response – check on our neighbours systematically
  2. Vulnerable care – check in on the most vulnerable in the community and provide them with the essentials and ongoing care
  3. Emergency Accommodation- for those made homeless
  4. Resource Management – Making sure we have get through supplies
  5. Sumner Community Hub – Communication and Support

Where do we meet?

The primarylocation is at the Sumner Rugby/ Cricket Pavillion at St Leonards Square.

If that’s no good (damaged) Thesecondarylocation is one of the flats at the back of Van Asch (near Evans pass)

Once you are safe and secured after an event come down….

What Can I do?

Volunteer to:

  1. Help manage the response and especially the preparation for it ( we need you assistance and commitment now)
  2. A first responder (search and rescue) and on-going help to assist those in need
  3. A vulnerable care provider
  4. An administrator
  5. Help run the Hub
  6. Register and Assist as a tradesperson- builders, plumbers, electricians are all needed


  1. A vulnerable person you may know


  1. We need everything from bottled water, Cans of food, signs, printing,  a generator to clipboards, Stretchers walky talkies etc-. Budget is $12,000.
  2. Donations of equipment can be made to Kieron and money through the Sumner Residents Association.
  3. Click here to donate

Be Ready Yourself:

  1. Have 25 litres of fresh clean water stored, with enough food to get you and your family through. This is really important. Our meagre resources will only stretch to those with real need.

How do I get in Touch with the Group?

James Young

021 771 612

326 3216

Coordinator James@JamesYoung.co.nz

Kieron Kerr

Nikki Kerr

021 732 269

326 5862

Co ordinator/ Resource Management



Jenny Mote

Jane Cowan Harris



Vulnerable Care


Jane <janech@xtra.co.nz>

Hayden Jones

03 326 4210

021 222 0433

Communications hayden.jones@xtra.co.nz
Will Doubty

021 1132882

03 326 5085

First Response will.doughty@yahoo.com
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