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Sumner Red Stickered Group


The Red Stickered Group is for those whose homes are uninhabitable either through earthquake damage or from the threat of rockfall.

Originally set up for Sumner residents, the Red Stickered Group now runs an announcement list for Port Hills Red Stickered residents.

Red Stickered houses in Sumner fall into three broad categories.

  • Houses which have been deemed unsafe due to the threat of rockfall from nearby slopes
  • Houses which are near the top of cliffs or unstable slopes which are unsafe because of potential landslides or cliff falls.
  • Houses which are badly damaged, but which are not unsafe beyond damage to the actually building.

If your home has been rendered uninhabitable it may or may not also have been red placarded or issued with an S124 Notice. The red placard means the building has been deemed unsafe to enter until the red placard has been removed by an authorised person. A red placard has no bearing on whether a building will be demolished - it is purely an indication that an authorised person - usually an engineer - has judged the building unsafe at the time they inspected it.

This group will provide information on the legal, practical and financial issues facing those who have been displaced by the earthquake. If you are in the first two categories above it may well be in your interests to join up with others in a similar position to negotiate with the government and your insurance company.

In the meantime our advice is don't sign anything in relation to a settlement until you have, at the very least, consulted a solicitor. If you find yourself under pressure to settle contact us before doing anything.

This is going to be an agonisingly slow process for many. It may be tempting to 'get this over with' by making hasty decisions. We would urge you to take your time.

Reporting process

Jan Kupek and Camilla Gibbons (Sumner resident), engineers working for Aurecon group as consultants for CERA have undertaken to provide Max with a weekly update on geotechnical matters. They have agreed to sending an email every Friday to be distributed to residents with update on working progress and assessment.

Since the 13 June aftershocks things have changed somewhat. There is a substantial amount of new rockfall remediation to be done (several hundred new rocks need to be assessed); Whitewash Head, formerly not considered an area with pressing issues, lost up to 40 metres of cliff face; Richmond Hill Road, above the RSA and the croquet club, appears to be highly unstable and there are fears of a major collapse along that cliff; Clifton Hill has lost houses along Kinsey Terrace, and has major slippage problems on the lower slopes of the road/

Red-stickered Chch homeowners left in limbo - Radio National - Nine to Noon 5 December 2011

Christchurch residents Ralph Bungard and Joe Bennett both live in white zoned areas but their houses are red stickered because of risk of rock fall - so they're not allowed to live in them, but are staying put despite the threat of eviction form the council. (12′38″)

Group organisers

Lisa Humphrey

CanCERN Rep (co-share with John Cook)

John Cook

CanCERN Rep (Co-share with Lisa Humphrey)



If you would like to get involved, look on the events calendar for the next event.  To find out more or to register with the group, send an email to he Sumner Red Stickered Group or contact

  • John Cook on 027 253 7458
  • Lisa Humphrey on 027 532 6609