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The Sumner Urban Design Group are a group of local group of residents who believe that the destruction of the 2011 earthquakes should be an opportunity to enhance Sumner's public areas - to rethink and re-imagine our beautiful seaside village. 

  • Sumner Master Plan.
  • Sumner Village Centre Master Plan.
  • Christchurch Coastal Pathway.

The origins of the group were documented by the Mainland Press in May 2011 .

Sumner Master Plan

Sumner Master Plan Area

Many hours of voluntary time have been poured into discussing, designing and listening to community feedback on the Sumner Master Plan, which will hopefully result in Sumner being a better place for all.

The Sumner Master Plan is due to be finalised in 2012. Pending this your feedback is needed. It is very rare for an established community to get the chance to completely redesign its public spaces.

The Sumner Urban Design team want everybody to be heard, and for the end result to be a new Sumner of which we can all be proud.

Sumner Master Plan V1

Sumner Master Plan V2

There are many ways you can get involved:

Sumner Village Centre Master Plan

Sumner Village Master Area

Sumner Village Centre has been identified by the Council as a commercial area suitable for a “community-led” masterplanning exercise.  This recognises the progress that had been made by Sumner residents, in conjunction with building and business owners to identify redevelopment opportunities for the wider Sumner suburb following the earthquakes.

This progress has seen the production of a ‘draft Sumner Plan’ for the area extending from Taylors Mistake to Redcliffs.

The draft plan for the wider suburb includes information on Sumner Village Centre.  This information will be relevant to preparing the Council supported ‘Sumner Village Centre Masterplan’.  Sumner is currently the only “community-led” master planning exercise for a commercial area within the Council’s Suburban Centre programme.


We are looking for your ideas on the future look and feel of the Sumner village and suburb. Please give us a couple of minutes of your time to tell us what you want for the future Sumner.

Current Urban Design Group Team Members

Chris Rossiter

Design Team - Coordinator

Chris Rossiter

I am a transportation engineer with Traffic Design Group , the largest transport planning company in NZ. My work involves planning for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles; providing advice to developers to ensure that the transport networks work efficiently and safely. I have lived in Sumner for five years and have two girls at Sumner School . Since moving from the UK, I consider Sumner to be my home because it provides so much opportunity to get out and play. I enjoy cycling, running, kayaking and have started to master some surf-life saving skills at Taylors Mistake.


Max Capocaccia

Massimiliano (Max) Capocaccia

Design Team

Massimiliano known as Max, is an architect, registered in New Zealand (n. 3761) and in Italy (n. 16205) he founded mc architecture studio believing in the importance of architecture as the art of shaping poetry into colours, forms, materials....from the scale of a chair to the scale of a town. In Italy he has been involved in the designing of several city plans and historic conservation plans. Contac:

Stephen Fitzgerald

Design Team

Stephen is a local designer who lives and breathes architecture. From the inspiration of place, through authentic composition to the intimacy of space, then to sensuality of texture. A belief that the built environment should also challenge your knowledge and inner being, to encourage wisdom. Contact:

Irene Boles

Design Team

Irene got her Masters Degree in Architecture at the end of 2009 with a project for the sustainable development of a village in Liguria (Italy). After some work experiences in Italy she moved to NZ to improve her architectural and human skills in such a stunning, inspiring environment. Contact:

Eugenio Boidi

Design Team

Eugenio Boidi has always dreamt of New Zealand; after a period of study in Australia he achieved the Architecture Master Degree in 2010 and came here to work and enjoy the beauty of this country. Passionate about conservation, his studies covered also urban design and landscape. Contact:

Bruce Banbury

Design Team

Bruce designs from a small practice in Christchurch, for clients troughout the country. The office has established a client base in a diverse range of new and alterations work. We have been engaged in projects involving new and innovative ideas and concepts, based on our clients' expectations. With a particular expertise of interpreting the brief and desires of clients, and following them through to resolution, this has ensured that projects with which we have been involved continue to be satisfying for all parties. The practice has won more than forty regional and national design industry awards. Contact:

Cameron Rennie

Design Team

Cameron has 16 years professional experience as a Landscape Architect and Project Manager.  Cameron is experienced in all aspects of landscape architectural practice with specific expertise in public open space projects.  LandscapeWorks relevant projects include coastal esplanade reserves, surburban village streetscapes, plazas and traffic calming.  He has worked as an in-house consultant in local government and has delivered over 250 projects for 6 local governments around New Zealand as LandscapeWorks Managing Director.  Cameron has exemplary design, construction detail and project management skills. LandscapeWorks has a long history of successful collaborations with the full range of professional services required to deliver projects on time and within budget.  Contact:

Sally Farmer

Design Team

Sally has over 11 years experience in project management and specialises in large and complex public open space projects. Sally provides overall project management including fee offers, client engagement, programing (internally and externally), budgeting, project administration, stakeholder consultation, reports and subconsultant engagement, overseeing delivery of outputs and project close-out documents.  Contact:



If you would like to get involved, look on the events calendar for the next event.  To find out more email the Sumner Urban Design Group or contact the design team on 326 5817.

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