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10 October 2013

10 October Update - Containers on Heberden Av & Edwin Mouldey Track

10 October Update

Shipping containers are in place on Heberden Avenue to provide protection to
road users from rockfall hazards in the area. The main source of rockfall
are the bluffs and cliffs along the eastern side of Heberden Avenue. This
rockfall source area is vacant land. It is not currently eligible for a
Crown Red Zone offer and so is zoned green.

The containers on Heberden will remain in place at least for the short term.
Longer term decisions about the future of red zone land will not be
finalised until the expiry of the Crown offer period. At this stage we
anticipate that the containers are likely to remain in this area for at
least the next 12 months.
The Edwin Mouldey Track passes directly through an area of very high risk
due to cliff collapse. The risk includes areas of run out as well as
potential areas of cliff retreat in the event of an earthquake. This risk is
considered unacceptably high by CERA and Council and therefore the track
will be kept closed until such time as the risk is ameliorated.

16 August 2013

Roading and container removal update to Sumner/ Redcliffs residents

Pedestrian and cycle access has been restricted as a result of the containers that have been placed on Main Road and Wakefield Avenue for safety reasons to prevent rockfall and cliff collapse on the roads.

Christchurch City Council is planning to reorganise and reduce the number of containers in these areas at the end of August. We expect this will help improve access and safety for all road users. Overall, the number of containers in this general area will reduce from 109 to 59. Some locations will be shifted, the details are below.

Main Road – Shag Rock Reserve

A temporary pedestrian path has been constructed on the bund on the seaside of this section of Main Road.

The Port Hills Geotechnical Team has advised that containers in this area are required to remain in place for some time yet. However, with some adjustment and additional ballast and connectors for the containers, the fence in front of the containers has been removed, giving space for cycle lanes in both directions. Due to the number of changes to road marking since the February earthquake the road is being resealed prior to installing the new road marking which includes a cycleway on both sides of the road from Shag Rock corner to the Clifton carpark. There will still be pinch points at each end and we ask motorists and cyclists to be particularly careful in these areas.

The Clifton carpark will be repaired and the existing fence will be repositioned and secured in place, with pedestrian access on the inside of the fence (seaward side).

Main Road below Mt Pleasant

The Port Hills Geotech team have removed a dangerous boulder which has enabled the containers in this section of the road to be removed. This has improved safety for cyclists heading north as there is no longer any sudden merging with vehicles.

Main Road – Moa Bone Cave area

Some maintenance work is programmed here over the next few weeks, but there is no opportunity to improve the current traffic management as the containers must remain in place for some time to come for safety reasons.

Wakefield Avenue

Nayland Road to Wiggins Street - Containers in this section are two high and will remain in place as risk of rockfall and cliff collapse in this area remains high.

Wiggins Street to Arnold Street - We have been working with CERA to remove the containers in this section of W akefield Avenue and replace them with a wire mesh fence on the footpath. Pedestrians will have to continue to use the footpath on the other side of the road, but the road will be clear for two lane traffic for motorists and cyclists.

Paisley Street to Arnold Street - There are currently single height containers from Paisley to Campbell and these will remain in place. The section from Campbell to Arnold currently doesn’t have any containers but single height containers will be put in place following recent technical advice on the risk to traffic and pedestrians in this area. This risk does not extend occupied to houses on the other side of the road.

The land behind the containers and fences will controlled by CERA. Entry to this area is prohibited as it is a CERA 45 zone.

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