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EQR Hubs

7 June 2013

19 Apr - Update contact details for Earthquake Recovery (EQR) Hubs at Woolston and Ferrymead.

Avondale Earthquake Assistance Centre (EAC)


Provides information and assistance for red zone homeowners, Gives updates on services, Helps connect those with earthquake-related housing, legal and/or insurance issues, Shares material from official agencies and community organisations.Provider hours (subject to change)

  • Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service - Monday to Friday 10am - 6:30pm
  • Community Law Canterbury - Monday 10am -  6:30pm, Wednesday 10am - 4pm, Friday 10am - 6:30pm
  • Christchurch City Council - Monday - Friday 10am - 6:30pm
  • EQC - Monday, Wednsday, Thursday and Friday 10:30am - 5:30pm, Tuesday 10:30 - 4pm
  • Southern Response (formerly AMI Insurance) - Tuesday and Thursday 2pm - 5pm
  • IAG Insurance State - Tuesday and Thursday 10am - 1pm
  • IAG Insurance NZI - Wednesday 10am - 1pm
  • Red Zone Free Financial Advice - Monday 12:30pm - 3:30pm, Tuesday to Thursday 10am - 3.30pm, Friday 1am - 1pm

Earthquake Recovery (EQR) Hubs


To help resolve issues you may be facing with Fletcher’s repair or rebuilding, contact your local EQR Earthquake Recovery Hub.  Provide a 'Home Owner's Guide' to the Earthquake Recovery repair process.

EQR Hubs  house Community Liaison Officers to provide assistance to homeowners.

A team of building supervisors work with approved contractors to undertake substantive repairs of homes in your area and a community liaison officer is available to offer help and support.  (Woolston is the main Hub and Ferrymead is the satellite Hub, but we both do the same thing and eventually will have similar staff numbers.) 

The EQR guide privides Crucial information outlining the Fletchers Process as explained on Pages 6 & 7 of this guide. This information has not been widely advertised but outlines your rights, responsibilities, and options. It is highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with this process, and the FAQ in the subsequent pages. Without this knowledge, may mean your options could be reduced and you could incur costs if you want to make any changes.  http://www.eqr.co.nz/pdfs/home-owners-guide.pdf

Take particular note of the FAQ section in the EQR guide.

Earthquake Support Coordinators, are run by independent organisations, and are available to support you in navigating through any Earthquake related issues from Fletchers, EQC, Insurance, Temporary Accommodation, along with financial issues. They can also guide you to other relevant organisations.They are accessible via EQC Community Contact Team. 0800 326 243 and come under the umbrella of Stronger Canterbury Earthquake Recovery.If you are aware of anyone who may need this support please direct them to this service.

Fletcher Hubs

The Woolston and Ferrymead Hubs are only for Fletchers staff, unlike some of the other Hubs that also house social agencies.

Woolston Hub                      

Ph 341 0139

Community Liaison Officer – Natalie Absalom

135 Ensors Rd, Woolston


Servicing: Avonside, City, Heathcote, Mt Pleasant, Redcliffs, Richmond Hill, Waltham, Woolston

Ferrymead Hub             

Ph 341 9954             

Community Liaison Officer – Sandra Frame

135 Ensors Rd, Woolston


Servicing: Bromley, Clifton, Ferrymead, Linwood, Monks Bay, Phillipstown, Richmond, Sumner