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20 May 2013

20 May - Feedback, Extras, Stock, Recipes, Reminders

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20 May 2013 Update

We are two weeks in now, having lots of fun and picking up wee tricks as we go to make things easier and more efficient.
Feedback: Thank you to those who have given us feedback, including requests for tips on how best to store produce (coming soon!) and making the ordering system more simple. We have a super short (3 question) survey we would love if you filled out: Survey
Extras to be added: Over the next few weeks we will be adding 'Extras' that can be purchased and delivered with your FoodBox at no extra charge - Apple Cider Vinegar, juicing beetroots and carrots, kombucha, flour and rolled oats. Check out the flour and grains here - we're happy if you request we stock particular items.
Stock Range:  we now have some greens! Our stock list is currently: pumpkin, potatoes, cabbage (red and green), beetroot, carrots, garlic, spinach, ruby chard, apples and pears. Your FoodBox will be a mix of these items and will vary each week - remember you can use customer preferences in our webstore to let us know what you want more or less of. Or feel free to email us anything more specific!
FoodBox Recipes: we have had a lot of fun trying new recipes with our FoodBox produce. Our faves so far are Chocolate Beetroot Brownie and stewed pears and apples over cereal for breakfast. We are keen to share these on a blog we are setting up on the website - so keep an eye out. Please also email us with your recipes so that we can share them, photos are appreciated :) - hello@gardencity.org.nz
General reminders: leave your bag out for collection the following week, ensure you make payments on the Wednesday evening when you order and check out our Farmer Profiles to see where your food comes from.

2 May 2013 Update

Delivery Thursday 9 May and weekly there on in!
Thanks to all of you who have expressed an interest in our service, and registered.  A big thanks also to those who are bearing with us as we have made various changes and upgrades since our trial run in Sumner last year. You will soon be given access to our online webstore powered by Bucky Box so keep an eye on your emails.
We can now say that we have three suppliers for the Food Box. Two of whom are organically certified, and one who is biodynamic! Our current range is: three potato varieties, pumpkin (of a seedline where the skin can be left on and eaten!), carrots, red and green cabbage, beetroot, silverbeet, spinach and garlic. Two of our growers also have a range of crops coming on for winter so we can soon add salads, brussel sprouts and various brassicas (e.g. broccoli, cauliflower) to the list.
Our foodboxes come in two sizes - ‘small’ for $20, and ‘large’ for $40. These will be made up of a mixture of the veges and you will have the option to have ‘more of’ or ‘less of’ two items - this flexibility will increase as our range increases.
We begin weekly deliveries on Thursday 9 May. This means payments need to be made before 9pm on Wed 8 May and then every following Wednesday by the same time. This is so we can let our growers know exactly what to pick and how much (no waste!). Please make your payment via online deposit to 06-0606-0159286-01.
We will also be including some ‘extras’ available to purchase in the coming weeks, delivered along with your food box (at no extra cost)....we’ll let you know when we have these confirmed and available!
Finally, we appreciate your support and kind words, we are currently running this service organically (read: voluntarily), and in amongst working several other jobs so happy people make us happy too....and what’s a little bit of hard work and chaos anyway?!

28 Nov 2012 Update

On Saturday we completed our very first vege box delivery to Sumner & Redcliffs area! Yay! We delivered 6 boxes which worked well as a pilot run. We are anticipating this becoming more popular quite quickly and reckon we're going to need a larger vehicle!

Ordering details

Payments are due by 5pm each Wednesday. e.g. payment on Wednesday for a Saturday delivery within Sumner and Redcliffs area.

Online Bank Deposit: 06 0606 0159286 00
You must reference your surname and put the box size in the particulars. If you haven’t already given us your address, please do so using this form .

How you could help

We are volunteers and can always use some help.

  • A van or similarly large vehicle for use on Saturdays from 8am - 12pm - let us know.
  • Let us know about local growers or other suppliers that might be interested in contributing to our range.