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Join Advisory Group (JAG)

22 March 2013

22 March - Hearings held in May for Sumner Village Centre Master Plan.

Updates by Miranda Charles at CCC Miranda.Charles@ccc.govt.nz  


22 Mar 2013 Update

On behalf of the Joint Advisory Group for Sumner (JAG), I would like to thank all of the submitters who took the time to lodge a submission to the Draft Sumner Village Centre Master Plan. The Council received 205
submissions of which a very high percentage were positive.
The JAG are delighted with this result and are looking forward to achieving the next project milestone; the preparation of a report by Council officers to the Hagley Ferrymead Community Board (HFCB) and the Council on the need to hold hearings. The HFCB and Council meetings will be held in May 2013.
The JAG have provided guidance and support to Council officers over the past 13 months, and we are very pleased with the progress made thus far.  We are encouraged by the quality of the work that has been produced, including the Draft Master Plan document, the analysis of public submissions on the Draft document, and the advice we have received as to how the Master Plan can be improved based on submissions.
We are now very eager for Council officers to report to the HFCB and the Council so that a decision can be made on the need for hearings. This decision will bring us one step closer to the Master Plan's formal adoption
and subsequent implementation which is a very exciting prospect.
I understand that a media release will be prepared as soon as the Council makes its decision on the need for hearings, and that Council officers will be in contact with the submitters shortly afterwards.
If you have any questions about the project or the process, please contact the Council project leader for the Sumner Village Centre Master Plan, Miranda Charles, on Tel. 941-8999 or myself.
Kind regards
David Cox
Chairman, Joint Advisory Group for Sumner

1 June 2012 Update

Thank you for attending the workshops on Sumner Village Centre Master Plan last month.  More than 100 people participated in the workshops and Council staff and the Joint Advisory Group are really pleased with the feedback received.

This feedback not only affirmed much of the work that was completed by the Sumner Urban Design Group alongside the community last year, but it provided new insights to key issues and priorities.
A poster showing some of these key ideas and goals is below.  The information collected at the workshops provided the basis for a Council staff 'design workshop' attended by landscape architects, urban designers, engineers, planners, and community advisers in early May.  
Over the next four months Council staff will work with the Joint Advisory Group, the Hagley Ferrymead Community Board and Councillors to prepare a draft Master Plan for Sumner Village Centre.  Once this work is complete, the draft Master Plan will be approved for public consultation and feedback.  The aim is to have consultation commence in October 2012.
If you have further feedback or questions about Sumner Village Centre, the master plan project or about the work to be completed over the coming months please contact Miranda Charles (CCC Project Lead) on
941-8999 or SuburbanCentres@ccc.govt.nz.

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