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24 July 2013

24 Jul

  • Night-works on Ferrymead Bridge and Main Road Sumner set to improve journeys for residents
  • Temporary closure of Main Rd between Shag Rock and Clifton Hill Rd from 28/07 till 2/08 10:30pm-5:30am.

23 July 2013 Update by CCC

Night-works on Ferrymead Bridge and Main Road Sumner set to improve journeys for residents
Starting on Sunday 28 July, two separate sets of night-works, the temporary Ferrymead Bridge, and the stretch of road from Main Road to Shag Rock in Sumner, will help improve the routes for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.
Transport and Greenspace Unit Manager, John Mackie says, "For both these works, we have listened to our residents and arranged the timings so as to minimise the impact on the community."
The temporary Ferrymead Bridge resurfacing The temporary Ferrymead Bridge will be resurfaced to reduce noise and be easier on vehicles. A stop/go traffic system  is planned to start on Sunday 28 July at 8pm.
Christchurch City Council contractors will be installing an additional layer of timber running planks on both of the temporary bridges. The timber planks will have a chip seal coating. These planks will be screwed to the existing timber deck by hand, so to install the planks and surfacing safely, the works will be undertaken at night, one bridge at a time.
Mr Mackie says, "These improvements will soften the ride over the bridge whilst also reducing the noise levels of traffic over the bridges, news which as been received well by the local Community Board, residents and
business owners in Sumner."
While one bridge is closed, the other bridge will remain open to the public.  To allow the route to remain open to the public over night, the remaining bridge will operate as a single lane bridge with full stop/go manual
control. Delays will be kept to five minutes from either approach, where possible, while the stop/go control is in place. Emergency service vehicles will be given priority. Pedestrians and cyclist will use the footpath on the
open bridge.
The night works and stop/go control over the single lane bridge are expected to take up to two weeks of night shifts, starting on Sunday 28 July at 8pm, and working through the night and re-opening the two lanes at 6am.
Construction of the new Ferrymead Bridge is still expected to continue until winter 2015, and the temporary bridges need to be maintained until that time. We apologise for any inconvenience.

19 July 2013 Update

No matter what you have heard or seen, below is the details of what WILL be happening:

  • Main Road to Sumner at Shag Rock Reserve will be closed overnight for up to five nights between 10.30pm and 5.30am starting Sunday 28 July.
  • The closure is needed to allow shipping containers to be shifted and the fence removed so that new cycleways can be installed.
  • A detour will be in place up Evans Pass Road, Summit Road and through to Mount Plesant during the closures.
  • If weather deteriorates, making the detour difficult to pass, work will stop and Main Road will open. Should bad weather cause delays, work will not recommence until the following week - we will not close Main Road on Friday or Saturday night.
  • Buses will continue to operate using a shuttle service up over the detour.
  • Emergency services will be able to go through the Main Road work - they will have a direct contact to contractors to advise them they need to get through.
  • The traffic management plan for this work was only approved on Thursday 18 July. The CCC contractor jumped the gun when a sign was put up advising of the closure - they apologise for the confusion this has caused in the community.
  • The Council is assisting in removing artwork from the containers, which will be put back in plan once the work has finished.

It is important to note that this work is a necessary component of us getting a much safer main road which is wider and contains cycle lanes in both directions.  Whilst the communication has not been up to a standard
that we would expect we must thank the Council for undertaking the work and making our road safer for all to use.
Darren Wright, Chair, Sumner Community Residents Association

17 July 2013 Update


On Sunday 28 July to Friday 2 August between 9:00pm to 5:00am there will be a road closure in place on Main Rd from approximately Clifton Tce to 272 Main Rd at the Shag Rock container wall.

This is required while Fulton Hogan moves the double stack containers to accommodate road leveling. Due to the work methodology, we are unable to maintain vehicular access through the site. Pedestrian and cyclist thoroughfare will be available on the footpath closest to the beach. A clearly signed detour will be in place for normal traffic via Evans Pass Road, Summit Road through to Mount Pleasant Rd.

It is possible works may complete ahead of schedule. This will be advertised on the electronic message boards stationed by the site if so the case.

We apologise for any inconvenience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself on 344-1767.

Damien Houlahan, Traffic Management Department Manager Fulton Hogan Canterbury. Work 03 344 1767

16 July 2013 Update

You will have all no doubt noticed the signs erected today informing us that the Main Rd will be closed between 9pm and 5am from the 21st to 26th of July.
The SCRA have been following this up today and it appears that the contractor jumped the gun on turning the signs on before we were all notified of the details!!
I hope to have a full report on the details from the CCC (this is not a SCIRT project) by late tomorrow but here is what we have been told:

  • The road is being closed to allow the containers to be reset as they have slumped due to the ongoing shakes.
  • The containers will be picked up and moved, the road under them fixed and then the containers placed back in their original location.
  • The contractor will work with Container Art to ensure it is not damaged and is put back in place.
  • The process will allow the CCC to remove the fence that has been constructed on the road and result in a much wider road than we have now.  Once completed they also hope to install a cycling lane so as to make it safer.
  • Emergency services have an action plan in place so that in the event of an emergency Ambulance, Fire and Police WILL be able to get along the road.
  • Unfortunately a diversion for all other traffic will be in place that is via the summit road.
  • I have asked the CCC to consider starting the works later than 9pm or spreading it over a couple of weeks but both options will incur significantly greater costs which I am sure we all want to avoid.
  • They have set aside the 5 nights for the work but hope to have it completed quicker than this.

As soon as we have more information I will get it out to you. 

Darren Wright, Chair, Sumner Community Residents Association.  021 511 325

25 June 2013 Update

Main Road - Proposed No Stopping Restrictions that will be included in the agenda for the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board Meeting on Wednesday 3 July 2013.  This report relates to improvements to the current set-up of safety barriers, cycle lanes, vehicle lane layout, pedestrian facilities and stopping/parking restrictions along the section of Main Road betweeen Clifton Terrace and Shag Rock Corner.  The agenda for this report will be distributed late next week and available on the Council website at:
In summary, the rockfall retaining containers will remain where they currently are as there is still a risk of rockfall. They will however re-aligned along the southern kerb/footpath edge and will be reballasted and made more secure.  The safety fencing in front of the containers will be removed which will widen the roadway considerably. 

The roadway will be repaired and resurfaced and new cycle lanes, vehicle lanes, painted median island and no stopping restrictions installed along both sides of this section of Main Road.   The report and planned improvements to the safety features in this area may be of interest to your association.  Once you have had the opportunity to review the report next week, if you have any questions in regard to this report or the improvements and want them considered at the meeting on 3 July, you can contact me and I will mention them to the Board.

Alternatively you can contact Jo Daly the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board Adviser on 941 6601 to request the opportunity to speak to the Board.

Steve Hughes, Network Engineer, Technical Services, Christchurch Transport Operations Centre Transport & Greenspace Unit.  DDI: 03 941 8092  Email: stephen.hughes@ccc.govt.nz

16 May 2013 Update

Main Rd track

22 March 2013 Update

Sumner Community Residents Association called a meeting on site with council staff Peter McDonald, Sol Smith, Yani Johanson, and local residents to discuss the safety issues for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians when trying to make their way between Sumner and Monks Bay using the road and landscape.  Below is a summary of what questions were asked and Peter McDonald's answers.



  • Q. How long will the containers be there?
  • A. Containers will continue to be there for minimum one year and ideally a maximum five years but could possibly be longer.  

Cliff walls 

  • Q. What is going to happen to the cliff walls around Shag Rock Reserve?
  • A. One future option could be that some rock may be cut back pending outcome of GNS report when released.  


  • Q. What is planned for the road?
  • A.  One future option could be to reposition the road away from the cliff and potentially encroaching the beach.  This requires consultation with Ngai Tahu and Environment Canterbury.
  • Q. Where would fast cyclists ride?
  • A. Fast cyclist would use the road?
  • Q. Can the council regularly keep the roads clear of shingle, glass and potholes?
  • A. Yes, it should be. Any issues should be reported to Council
  • Q. Could the roadway on the sea-side between Shag Rock and Redcliffs be smoothed and cleared of debris, and protected by some form of barrier?  It is wide in parts but is so rough it is not suitable for most cyclist.  
  • A.

Narrow shoulder (new temporary cycle lane)

  • Q. When will the council seal the narrow shoulder for slow cyclists to use?
  • A. The sealing of the shoulder will be completed next week (by 28 March 2013).
  • Q. Can the narrow shoulder start off as a walkway until proposed temporary walkway is completed?
  • A. The logistics need to be discussed with the contractor for constructing the path. If can be done and the construction not disrupted, I am not opposed to it. 
  • Q. Can the council install Flexi posts along edge of road that butts up to new narrow shoulder?
  • A. I will look at installing some form of delineation other than cones following completion of the work.
  • Q. Can the narrow shoulder have several passing bays to allow for two way use?
  • A. There may not be enough road space for this.
  • Q. Is the narrow shoulder predominantly for the use of slower cyclists?
  • A. That would be the likely out come, faster cyclists tend to stay in normal traffic lanes.

Proposed Walkway

The community requests that the proposed walkway be suitable for all users (incl 3 year old bikers and wheelchair users).

  • Q. Can the temporary pathway be 1 metre wide minimum, enough for a double buggy pram / wheelchair to use?
  • A.  The form and dimensions of any path or cycle way will have to be balanced with the space and funds available. I am taking the advice of our traffic engineers on this.
  • Q. Will there be several passing bays provided to allow for two way use?
  • A.  If the path can not be made to accommodate two way use, yes. 
  • Q. Will the walkway be made reasonably flat and not too undulating so wheelchairs and nursing injuries
  • can use easily?
  • A. To early to confirm but, it is my intention to make it as accessible as possible within the constraints we have.
  • Q. How soon can council start works on the temporary walkway?
  • A. 3-4 months.

Speed limits and Parking

The community raised the issue that people traveling along this strip (Monks Bay to Sumner) have had to put up with hazardous conditions for the past two years.  In some instances, there have been very close calls where vehicles only just avoided a crash and cyclists have nearly been bowled off their bikes.  We need to do something ASAP to make this area safe for everyone!

  • Q. Why is there still a 45kph sign on shag rock bend contradicts the 30kpm?
  • A. The 45kph sign is only an advisory speed sign for the bend, it is not a regulatory sign.
  • Q. Why is there no apparent enforcement of those motorists who drive faster than 30kph?
  • A. Council staff will discuss speed enforcement with Police.
  • Q. How can council stop motorists from stopping along Main Rd?
  • A. Council will start the process for getting enforceable no stopping though this section of Main Rd.
  • Q. Can the double-yellow central lines be replace with white lines to allow for safe overtaking?
  • A. This will be part of the investigation and advise from our traffic engineer.

Roadside fencing

Fencing along the road is hazardous in that the feet on the fencing impedes cyclists as they pass.

  • Q. Can the fencing in-front of the containers be moved to behind the containers?
  • A. The geotech staff will need to review the container set up, as this may influence the position of the fence and perhaps gain some valuable road space.


  • Q. Can the potholes in bike lanes on Harman St from Grove Rd east to be sorted?
  • A. Yes
  • Q. Can the Bike lanes be marked around containers on Main Rd near Rangatira Tce?
  • A. The line marking at the bottom of Mt Pleasant will be investigated and improved where possible.

3. CCC Three Year Plan

Residents of the bays area need to have their say regarding the plan that allocates funding for Christchurch infrastructure.  As a community we need to speak up and request that more funding be allocated to the bays area (Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant) areas.  Go to this link to find out more.  http://www.ccc.govt.nz/thecouncil/policiesreportsstrategies/ltccp/index.aspx

Members of the community can contact Marnie Kent at the Sumner community hub for more information or contact Peter McDonald at CCC on 941 8999 or Peter.McDonald@ccc.govt.nz.

27 Feb 2013 Update

Christchurch motorists are advised that Clifton Terrace will be closed while emergency sewer repair work takes place from 9am until 2.30pm on Thursday 28 February 2013.

Mark Christison, Unit Manager City Water and Waste Unit, says “We are advising all road users planning to journey on Clifton Terrace this Thursday that we need to close the road for urgent repairs to the damaged sewer. These repairs will also prevent any damage to the retaining walls that run parallel to Clifton Terrace.

“It is essential that we carry out these repairs on Thursday to ensure that Clifton Terrace remains open and safe from further closure in the future. We are a placing an electronic sign on Clifton Terrace from Thursday evening so all Clifton Terrace users will be aware of the closure. We also want to assure all residents using Clifton Terrace that emergency access plans and provisions are in place if required”.

1 July 2011 Update

4pm by Customer Services at CCC.

Richmond Hill Rd (top section)

A start has been made on an alternative road, in its current state it could be used in an emergency.

27 June 2011 Update

1pm by Lisa Goodman, Democracy Services Manager at CCC.

Clifton Terrace (bottom section)

A single lane of traffic was opened on Clifton Terrace yesterday following work over the weekend to clear slip debris from the road.   Work started on Friday to clear the rubble at the base of the land slip and carried on over the weekend. A temporary retaining wall has been constructed so that a single lane of traffic can be opened on the road.   The single lane of traffic is directed by temporary traffic lights.   The landslip occurred as a result of earthquakes on 13 June. Work to clear it had been put on hold because the debris was unstable and not safe to remove.   Alternative access to properties had been available from Summit Road via a single lane gravel road through Gethsemane Gardens.

Peacocks Gallop

Update Friday 24 June 2011 9am

Two lane traffic flow has now been restored into Sumner.  At this time it is intended that, unless there are unforeseen circumstances, the two lanes of traffic will remain open.


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