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Men's wellbeing

7 May 2013

2 May - Calling for a male advocate to help promote an All Right campaign for men.

Men's wellbeing for the Bays Cluster (Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant, Heathcote, Lyttelton) is supported by Canterbury Mens Centre , Healthy Christchurch , Pegasus Health , Mental Health Foundation , Canterbury District Health Board

2 May 2013 Update

The following men are bloody good mates who have put their hand up for their community.  Are you a bloody good mate?

  • Tom Davies - Mt Pleasant
  • Tony Aldridge - Mt Pleasant
  • Billy O'Steen - Sumner

26 April 2015 Update

We are calling for male advocates for other men aged 40 to 65.

We (see list of names below) decided at our first meeting that Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant, Heathcote & Lyttelton could nominate one or two advocates from their area to meet and discuss an activity, event or programme tailored for men aged 40 to 65.  Funding is available.  The aim is to bring men together to be able to talk openly in a safe environment about anything in a fun and social environment.  The aims are for you guys to help identify who in your communities are not coping, so these people are supported in these difficult times.  Support might just be having a chat with mates.

Suicide is a real thing and is increasing.  Relationship tension is increasing.  Listen to Rob Gordon's talk on Youtube "More stress to come for quake victims"  http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/more-stress-come-quake-victims-video-5366909   Here is the "All Right" campaign that Dr Rob Gordon mentions that is worth having a look at  http://www.allright.org.nz/

Whats required of you:

  • One - two hour meeting to meet each other, discuss what you know is happening in your communities, and brainstorm ideas on what activities/events/programmes could be developed.  Remember there is funding available.
  • One - two hours to help promote the decided activities/events/programmes amongst your networks.
  • A 'bloody good mate' attitude.
  • Assist to run the activity, event, or programme.

Are you prepared to be a stand for the men in your community?  If so, then we invite you to be part of this amazing team of enthusiastic people keen to make a difference.  If not, thats cool.  Please feel welcome to pass this email onto anyone else you think would be suitable.

How to join:
Register your interest to coordinator@sumnerresidents.co.nz or 027 600 6076. Please do this no later than 5pm Friday 10 May.   Advise your Name, contact details, preferred days and times you can meet for the initial catchup.  

Who are we?:

  • Darren Wright - Sumner Volunteer Fire Brigade & Chair of Sumner Community Residents Association.
  • Eddie Hayes - Sumner Bays Union Trust
  • Linda Rutland - Coordinator for Mt Pleasant Community
  • Marnie Kent - Coordinator for Sumner Community
  • David Cairns - Suicide prevention coordinator for Pegasus Health
  • Steve Carter - Mental Health Promoter for Mental Health Foundation of NZ
  • Michelle Whitaker - Community Wellbeing for CDHB
  • Donald Pettit - Manager of Canterbury Men's Centre

Karen Selway was the research consultant for the All Right campaign and has a wealth of information and ideas.  Karen is offering her time to help facilitate the first meeting to get you started.
So there you have it.  Keen to get involved?