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19 April 2013

19 April - Stop and slow down says psychologist.

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19 April 2013 Update

Psychologist and disaster specialist Dr Rob Gordon told people in Canterbury to expect more stress and to help themselves and each other by stopping and slowing down.  Read article in following pdf newsletter.

Here is an example of what he says

“By the third year of recovery we see people beginning to run out of energy, resilience and optimism,” he says. “In every disaster I’ve been involved in everybody has felt that things have been done badly, slowly and in a disorganised way.

“It is crucial that people shift their focus from things that are out of their control, such as government policies and EQC delays, to what they need to look after.”

Dr Rob says the common complaint of excessive tiredness is normal.

“When you have been in stress mode for a long time your reserves get eaten up by stress chemicals. It is not until things become less chaotic that you realise how depleted your reserves have become.”

“It is important to take time to assess your energy levels and if you are tired to do something to recharge your batteries. Think about what you used to do for pleasure and may have stopped doing since the earthquake and find a way to get involved again. Social connection is very important in the third and fourth years of recovery.”

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Here is a pdf of Dr Rob's Tips