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Residential Advisory Service

8 March 2014

8 March - The Residential Advisory Service provides independent assistance to residential property owners. It helps them to understand and progress the repair and rebuild process.

The service assists property owners to find the best way to address the challenges they are facing and gain a clearer understanding of their own repair and rebuild process.

Some residential property owners may need general advice. Others may find it more helpful to have an independently facilitated multi-party meeting, where they can meet with other parties or representatives of the organisations relevant to their circumstances. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and one solution may not work for all situations.

This service may be available to you if you are an earthquake-affected residential property owner and you:

• believe you are in disagreement with another party over your repair or rebuild process, or

• are not confident about or do not understand the complex matters associated with your rebuild or repair process.

However, you cannot use the service if you:

• have filed legal proceedings against your insurer (if your issue is insurance related), or

• are participating in EQC mediation (if your issue is EQC related), or

• are trying to deal with your situation through the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman process or any other dispute resolution service.

The service involves three steps:

STEP 1 -

When you contact the Residential Advisory Service, a staff member will take you through a short assessment to see whether your circumstances meet the criteria for the independent advice provided by this service. If your circumstances don’t meet the criteria, the staff member will tell you about other services that are more appropriate to your circumstances.


If your circumstances meet the criteria, you will be offered a face-to-face meeting with an independent advisor. At that meeting, the advisor will gather information to work out where you are in the repair and rebuild process. If necessary, they will seek further information from the agencies involved, and will have access to an independent panel who have technical expertise in the areas relevant to your circumstances such as insurance.


If you have been identified as having a particularly complex or difficult set of circumstances, you may be offered the opportunity to attend a multi-party meeting to clarify the issues you are facing and help you to find a solution to them. This meeting will be independently facilitated. Or you could choose to deal with your circumstances through a dispute resolution process (like the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman). Where appropriate, the service may assist you to access this.

When can I access the service?

Further information on the service is available at www.advisory.org.nz

Contact the Residential Advisory Service by phone on 03 379 7027 or 0800 777 299.