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Scarborough Paddling Pool demolition

20 June 2013

CCC are demolishing the earthquake damaged Scarborough Paddling Pool. 

Press release: 20 June 2013

Dear all,

This is an update on the pending demolition of the earthquake-damaged Scarborough Paddling Pool. It is due to begin later this month/early next month and is expected to take three weeks to complete.

On 28 March, the Council agreed to demolish the paddling pool, which is damaged beyond repair, and return the area to grassed lawn while its long term future is considered.

To reiterate, the report recommended the demolition of the paddling pool for the following reasons:

  • The damage to the pool is irreparable. There is damage to the block walls, the pool tank and the block work in the associated buildings is cracked and the concrete around the pool has slumped. In its present state it is a health and safety hazard.
  • The fenced site is being regularly accessed by taggers and, as a result, has become unsightly.
  • The site is currently unattractive and detracts from the picturesque nature of the area.

For safety reasons, the site will remain fenced off while the demolition is being carried out. Signage indicating that the paddling pool is being demolished will be erected before the work begins.

Long term solutions for the site are being investigated as part of the Council’s Facilities Rebuild Plan programme. In recognition of its significance to the community, it was last year identified as one of the Council’s top 30 projects for funding, further investigations and, where possible, repair.

Council staff are currently working on a number of options regarding the future of the site. These will be discussed with the Hagley/ Ferrymead Community Board before any proposal is taken to the Community, Recreation and Culture Committee.

We will keep you informed.

John Filsell

Unit Manager

Recreation and Sport