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Sumner Community Hub

13 March 2013

13 Mar - Red Cross at the hub to help residents every Thursday 10-12pm.


The Sumner Hub is located at 57 Nayland St (Sumner Police Station) and is open Monday to Friday 10am till 12pm.   Contact Marnie Kent, Community Development Coordinator on 021 0237 9975.

The Sumner hub is supported by the Sumner Community Residents Association

13 Mar 2013 Update

New Zealand Red Cross outreach volunteers will be present at Sumner Community Hub, 57 Nayland Street, every Wednesday from 10am until 12pm.

Volunteers will be available to lend a listening ear and provide personal support.

If you have something you would like to talk about or questions we might be able to help with please feel free to visit the house and have a chat!

21 Jan 2013 Update

  • New signage for the Sumner Hub
  • Short term accommodation urgently required for many local residents needed to find somewhere for six weeks whilst their homes are repaired from earthquake damage.  Can you help.  Here is a link to the noticeboard and accommodation on where to advertise your property or where to find somewhere.

11 December 2012 Update

It's times like these that we need to learn we can't do it all ourselves. We do need help and there's a team waiting, in Sumner, to do just that.

  • Edna - "What's the hold up in starting repairs on my damaged home?"
  • Bruce - "Why is it taking so long to finish the repairs on my home?"
IMG_0159 copy

The Sumner Hub is in the Police station on Nayland Street. Open Mon - Fri 10am - 12pm.  Coming up to Christmas, you should consider a peace-of-mind gift to yourself.

Earthquake repairs or rebuild? Insurance company and EQC. Rows about the scope of works? Who's paying. No-one's telling you anything. It's been nearly two years and the wait's driving you spare! You've done all you can ... but have you? Have you taken it all to the Sumner Hub?

Real life stories

Edna's story

Edna got to the point of giving up. "What the heck, just get out", until she took her issues into the Hub.

They took her problems on and, while there's no news so far, at least she feels better.

Edna suggests everyone in her situation shares the load with the Sumner Hub team who'll become a kind of case manager, taking up your case and chasing the offending authorities.

She was surprised that the service is free of charge and right on her doorstep.

Bruce's story

Bruce got to the point of telling the builder to stop the repairs and finish later. "I can't take it any longer, its just going on far too long and its coming up to Xmas."

Bruce was told the repairs would take 5 weeks to complete.  "Its been 7 weeks and only 30% of the repairs are complete.  "I have to go to hospital to have a neck and hip operation in January and I am just feeling stressed that the job won't get done".  The builder has not been seen for days.

Bruce advised his situation to the Sumner Hub team and within minutes got onto Fletcher EQR.  Within 24 hrs the builder is on the job and on his way to finishing the job within 7 days.