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22 June 2011


Geotechnical Team update CCC

  • §         Whitewash Head.  Cracks along Whitewash Head continue to be monitored and have shown no movement since the 16 April aftershock.
  • §         Heberden Ave/Evans Pass Road.  Work to remove or secure loose rocks has been completed for the lower portion of Evans Pass Road, and is hoped to be completed for the upper portion of Evans Pass Road by Thursday 11 May.  The current work will continue to involve daily road closures of Evans Pass Road between 8am and 6pm until (and including) Thursday 11 May while the remedial works are undertaken.  In addition Summit Road either side of Evans Pass Road will be closed for approximately 30 minutes tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday 10 May, while blasting is carried out.  There will be no access to Godley Head or Sumner via Summit Road during this time.  (Note: this road closure applies to vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.)  Proposals are currently awaiting approval from Christchurch City Council for work to start removing or securing loose rocks above Heberden Ave.  Once approved the work is likely to take several weeks.
  • §         Wakefield Ave/Finnsarby Place - At this stage work to remove or secure loose rocks should be finished this week above Wakefield Ave, between Denman and Duncan Streets, and the containers along this section of Wakefield Ave will be removed next week.  Contractors will then be moving south to inspect slopes and start remedial work above Wakefield Ave south of Duncan Street, lower Sumnervale Drive and Finnsarby Place.  The scope of the work has not yet been finalised, as it involves contractors abseiling down bluffs to inspect the condition of the rocks, so we are unable to give a time line for the completion of this work.  It is, however, likely to be in the order of two months, possibly longer, before the remedial work is completed on this slope.
  • §         Clifton/Kinsey Terrace - Geotechnical engineers from Aurecon and GeoNet continue to monitor cracks in Clifton and Kinsey Terraces.  Other than a small (less than 15 mm) movement during the 16 April aftershock, there has been no movement since 23 February when monitoring began.  Monitoring will continue over the winter.  The Earthquake Commission are also planning to drill boreholes into the land around the cracks over the next month to install more monitoring equipment and to analyse the land movement in more detail.
  • §         Peacocks Gallop - Contractors are still working to remove dangerous rock from Peacock's Gallop (opposite Shag Rock) below Kinsey Terrace to secure Main Road as a critical transport route.  It is envisaged that the work at the top of the cliff will be completed this week, however further work will be required lower down at the western end of Peacocks Gallop.  Containers placed along Main Road along Peacocks Gallop to protect the road will remain there throughout the winter.
  • §         Timeframes - All timeframes given are estimates only - the work is highly dependent on the condition of the rock, weather conditions and further aftershocks, which are still possible.
  • §         Reassessing rockfall risk - Work by geotechnical engineers working for Christchurch City Council, and researchers from GNS Science, to finalise a process for reassessing rockfall risk on the Port Hills is almost completed.  It will be trialled by geotechnical engineers in Avoca Valley later this week, where rockfall remediation work has been completed.  Once this process has been trialled and is shown to be robust, it will then be applied to other areas where rockfall remediation has been completed, such as upper Sumnervale Drive (which can be reassessed due to works to protect Evans Pass Road further upslope).   There may be areas where the rockfall risk remains too high to allow people to reoccupy their properties, and where remedial measures are not an realistic option either because they are technically not feasible or because the cost of doing them is much higher than the value of the properties.  These areas will be identified as part of the risk reassessment process - they have not been decided on yet. 
  • §         Meeting - (Residents of Heberden Ave) There is a meeting for tomorrow, Tuesday 10 May, at 90 Heberden Ave at 5.30pm.  A geotechnical engineer from URS Ltd will be attending. 
  • §         Meeting - (All Red Plackard Houses in Sumner) There is a community meeting organised for 7pm ,Thursday 19 May, at Van Asch School (entrance at the corner of Van Asch and Truro streets) for Sumner residents whose homes are red placarded for geotechnical reasons, or who have an interest in the rockfall issues in Sumner.  Geotechnical engineers from both URS Ltd and Aurecon, who have been working in the area, will be attending. 

NIWA Tsunami presentation – Sumner School has extended the invitation to all Sumner residents to attend this Thursday at 7pm, Dr Emily Lane from NIWA will be giving a presentation in the new hall about the latest research on tsunamis.  We will also take this opportunity to share the school's emergency response plan with our parent community. 

Next Group Meetings - Please feel welcome to join a group.

Sumner Local Food Project Group – 1st Monday of the Month, 7 – 8pm @ FUSE, 25 Wakefield Ave. local_food@sumnercommunity.org.nz    http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_160068330723990

Sumner Environment Group - 1st Monday of the Month, 8 – 9 @ FUSE, 25 Wakefield Ave. environment@sumnercommunity.org.nz    http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_100328860056506

Sumner Creative Art Group – 2nd & 4th Monday of the Month, 7 – 9 @ FUSE, 25 Wakefield Ave creative_art@sumnercommunity.org.nz    http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_129510100457370

Sumner Disaster Response Group – 3rd Monday of the Month, 7 – 8pm @ FUSE, 25 Wakefield Ave. disaster_response@sumnercommunity.org.nz    http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_129510100457370

Sumner Entertainment Group – 3rd Monday of the Month, 8 – 9pm @ FUSE, 25 Wakefield Ave. entertainment@sumnercommunity.org.nz    http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_208930335795944   

Sumner Residents Association – meeting tonight 7:30 @ Sumner School (old) Hall 30 Wiggins St, Sumner.


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