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22 June 2011


Red placarded houses in Sumner - Geotech are holding a meeting for all red carded residents and other interested parties within Sumner only (Redcliffs and Mt Pleasant have their own issues).  Meeting will be held at Van Asch Thursday 19th May 7 – 8pm.   See map for details where to go.  There will be a briefing from technical representative as well as a question and answer session.  Please forward this email onto those people you know would be interested to attend. 

Process for suburban centres rebuild underway - The Christchurch City Council has begun a process to rebuild quake-affected Christchurch suburban commercial centres, with the Lyttelton and Sydenham centres to act as pilot redevelopment projects.  Community Board members were briefed on the Suburban Centres Programme last night, ahead of a community involvement process to support the regeneration of severely damaged centres. 

Christchurch City Council Strategy Support Manager Richard Ball says initial scoping work on the suburban centre rebuild has started, and an expert urban design team has been brought in to help with the process. 

The Suburban Centres Programme will feature two streams of work; one stream will see the development of ‘master plans’ for some of the worst affected suburbs, and the other stream will see the appointment of ‘case managers’ to other affected suburban hubs that may require assistance with planning their rebuild.  “We need to support the recovery of our suburban hubs after the February 22 earthquake,” Mr Ball says.  “The first two centres to have plans developed will be Lyttelton and Sydenham. The reasons for their priority are three-fold: the extent of the earthquake damage demands it, the size and configuration of the centre, and the planning and revitalisation work which had already been done prior to the February earthquake.”  Mr Ball said while Lyttelton and Sydenham were the first two suburban centres to start the rebuild process, other centres would follow.  “These two suburbs will act as pilot projects. The support we are able to give to each centre will depend on the nature and scale of the issues and the resources we have available. It is not ‘one-size-fits-all’.   “We want the community, business sector and residents to be a part of the process and have their say. Engaging with those groups will be vital to the successful rebuild of the affected suburbs.”  Mayor Bob Parker said the launch of the Suburban Centres Programme was an important milestone for the city.  “The damage to suburban centres means communities have lost their focal point. We have to look at this as an opportunity to bring our communities back together.  The Council is working hard to get this process underway and I urge everyone to get involved and be a part of shaping your community.”   A timeline around this project, including the extent of assistance able to be provided is being developed.  For further information on the project contact: suburbancentres@ccc.govt.nz .  Or visit: http://www.ccc.govt.nz/thecouncil/policiesreportsstrategies/SuburbanCentresProgramme.aspx

Residents of Heberden Ave Meeting - anyone who attended this meeting can you please give me an update on what was discussed so I can distribute.  I had to attend two other meetings last night.

Fundraising team – Debbie Hicks has kindly taken on the task to help with fundraising for the Sumner Community Group and the sub groups.  If you would like to assist Debbie with sourcing funding and helping to write up submissions, please call 326 5362.   You help would be greatly appreciated.  Join the funding team on facebook   http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_208930335795944#!/home.php?sk=group_147473281987790

Funding – does anyone know anyone who might be interested to help fund stage 2 of the website development.  Both Paul and I have spent over 150 hours between us to get it to the state it is in and it would be good to get some financial support to get it to the next stage.  Funding support could consist of $$ or expertise.

Urban Design voluntary help needed – require the voluntary services of a Landscape Architect, Urban Designer, Architectural designer and a Traffic designer for the following:

  • §         Design inputs and presentation for the Sumner Urban Design Group plans
  • §         Historical research for the Sumner Urban Design Group plans

If you can assist, please call Stephen Fitzgerald on 326 6174 or email Stephen@stephenfitzgerald.co.nz .

Sumner Urban Design Group Meeting  - You are invited to the next Sumner Urban Group meeting held at Van Asch next Tuesday 17th May 7 – 9pm, see attached map for directions.  The group will:

  • §         Present what has been done so far on the plans for Sumner.
  • §         Discuss the feedback from the community who attended the public meeting on the 26th April.
  • §         Discuss the consideration of feedback into the current plan.


Help needed – if you have any experience in registering organisations with the charities commission, please call Marnie Kent on 326 4144. 

Greening the Rubble – A new Sumner group has been formed to look at turning damaged shop sites into green spaces as a temporary measure.  Join the group on facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_208573175843494 or email marniek@xtra.co.nz if you would like to be added to the list to help participate in the next activity.

Website – Stage one of the website is being launched this Sunday, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Feedback can be found under the contacts tab. 

Spread the message - Not everyone in Sumner receives my emails, so please pass them onto anyone you think would be interested.  For those who are new and would like to receive emails directly from me, please email me at marniek@xtra.co.nz with your contact details.