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2011 July 13 e-News

31 October 2012

Website, Community Group Updates, Marketing & Media, Incorporation

Here is the latest news via mailchimp.  Please also note that most of the latest news is on our webiste www.sumnercomunity.org.nz


Latest News and Updates

Please keep an eye on the website for the latest news , events , Noticeboard etc. 
What people have been saying about the website
 “please pass on my thanks for such a superb website. I was recently visiting our home and noticed a smashed window that needed replacing in a hurry. bay harbour glaziers were listed on your site.  Our neighbours have been denied temporary accommodation by their insurance company, I found a website link just right for them AND sent them the link you had provided for the govt support for accommodation.  So easy for me must mean how much thought and effort went in to setting it up.  Thank you, one of the better websites I've ever had a walk around.  Kind regards Andrew”
“Thanks once again & I think the Sumner Community Group is a huge asset to our great little community. Cheers Kelvin”.

 Register to the website

If you would like to add articles to the directory or noticeboard you will need to have a website login
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Can you help to further develop the website?
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Website Feedback

Hopefully soon we will source some funding to take the website to the next stage.  In the meantime, your feedback feedback@sumnercommunity.org.nz on what is good and what needs updating / changing / created would help us on what to consider when making the changes.   Can you help?

  • Software programmer to help with mailchimp and google aps email pbolger@sumnercommunity.org.nz
  • Branding – Ideas on what image would best present the group/s to the wider community.
  • Facebook and the website – Creating a link of sharing information between the two.
  • Software programmer to help with sorting out the directory on the website.

Community Group Updates

Sumner Urban Design Group

Hear about and see the latest update in the Sumner Urban design plan.  This is where the community has an input.  Meeting held at Van Asch (Cnr Truro & Van Asch Sts) drive over bridge, park in basketball courts and enter building where lights are on.

  • City Council meeting
  • Coordination with other communities now starting their own desig group
  • Future focuses and activities of our community
  • Container art works
  • Universities Collaborations


  • Andy Lynd - Residential design for earthquakes


  • Ideas for the new Community Centre/Mall/Shopping area

NOTE - Anyone that wish to add items to this agenda is welcome to do so sending email: urban_design@sumnercommunity.org.nz
or calling: 03 326 5817.  Urban Design Group meetings are open to the public, please send this to your network
Can you help? 
Contact Max 021 060 0514 or Stephen 021 379 645.

  • Use of a 3D printer
  • Help with servicing the HP Plotter (Design Jet 488CA), unsure why it wont work.  Need to get the plotter fixed to print plans for the Urban Design drawing for Sumner. 
  • Help with labour and materials for data wiring in the Studio at 41 Nayland St. 

Sumner Disaster Response Group

Get ready Get thru Expo

Something fantastic is coming to Sumner soon.  Here you will learn how to save a life, put out a fire, be prepared for a disaster, purchase resources to help you get thru, find out information and many more. 

Civil Defence Training & Meetings

Interested to become a Civil Defence representative for Sumner?  Email disaster_response@sumnercommunity.org.nz to register.  We have Civil Defence Sector Post training available to Sumner residents.  Please email marniek@xtra.co.nz if you are interested or would like to know more.

Street Coordinators

Information Session
Something very evident since the February earthquake is that the Sumner community spirit is growing. There are great benefits to you and your community through participation in the community – “It takes a community to make a community”.  Street Coordinator numbers from Taylors to Clifton have more than doubled since my last email newsletter.  
Come along to thenext Neigbourhood Support information session with Davie Wilkinson and Marnie Kent.  There is no obligation for you to take this role up if you decide at the end of the evening it is not for you.  Here are the dates and times of the next information session:
Dates & Times
Wednesday 13th July 10 - 11am @ Dot Com
Thursday 4th August 7 – 8pm @ Van Asch
Friday 5th August 10 - 11am @ Dot Com
Thursday 1st September 7 – 8pm @ Van Asch  
Venue Details
Van Aschentrance via Truro and Van Asch Sts.  Drive over bridge and park on basketball courts and we see us in the building with lights on. 
Dot ComCafé is located at 42 Marriner St beside the newly located Sumner Pharmacy

Sumner CERA Support Group

Sumner is fortunate to have three representatives who live in the area who have been nominated on the CERA Community Forum.  They are Daren Wright, Wendy Gilchrist, and Sally Ansley.  A Sumner CERA Support Group has been formed to help them filter information to and from the community so they can provide feedback to and from the CERA forum meetings.  CERA have created the following interest categories:
1.      Community Wellbeing
2.      Culture & Heritage
3.      Built Environment
4.      Economy
5.      Natural Environment
Write you query and contact details to: cera@sumnercommunity.org.nz .

Sumner CanCERN Support Group

Have a voice in the recovery

Marketing & Media


Community groups from Taylors to Heathcote Valley have an opportunity to write articles to be published into the Bay Harbour Newspaper every fortnight.  Please let me know if the newspaper is not being delivered to your address. feedback@sumnercommunity.org.nz


We are going to utilise the signage at the bottom of Clifton Hill Rd to advertise our community meetings and events.  We hope to have this sorted by some time soon.  If you know of someone who can help up with making the signs for free, please contact Marnie on 326 4144


The Sumner Community Group is considering becoming an incorporated society or a trust.  We are also looking at the options available to us to come under the umbrella of an existing trust/society.  If you would like to help us in this process, contact Marnie on 326 4144.