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2012 June 22 e-News

31 October 2012

Zone annoncements, events, keeping warm

Message from Darren Wright, Chair of Sumner Residents Association

30th June is the deadline for the announcement of the remaining white zone properties according to CERA.
Home safety check list. Click for details.
Winter home safety checklist.  Click for details.
The community advisor/coordinator position for Sumner closes 30 June.  Click for details on how to apply.


Events Coming up

22 June - Folk & Barn Dance Fundraiser TONIGHT (Friday) here in Sumner.  Click for details.  A guaranteed fun night!  Watch this Youtube video .  Open to all ages.  Purchase tickets at the door.
25 June - Tower Insurance meeting coming up. Click for details
26 June – Great book buy up fundraiser.  Click for details
7 July – Sumner Dune restoration project.  Click for details.  Keen to go to The Concert for free?  If you are aged 15 and over, all you have to do is volunteer on a worthy project  for 4 hours.    Click here to register on the Sumner Dunes project.  This project has been listed but may take a day or two to show.
12 July – Sumner Residents Association meeting.  Click for details
14 July – Under the Celtic Moon with Izzy Miller.  If you missed her last sell out show, don’t miss this one!!  This concert will sell out fast!! Click for details.  An absolute, guaranteed fun night out.
22 July – Tsunami Sirens are now installed in Sumner and will be tested.  Click for details

General information

Having issues with your insurer?  Find out about how to solve consumer problems at a Consumer Rights Day.  Click to find out more 
Insurance notes from meetings held with Vero & AA + IAG (NZI, AMI, State).  Click to read notes
It’s not too late to take part in a quick Insurance survey. Click to read more
Red zone residents' financial decisions - As a residential red zone property owner, you have some important financial decisions to make about the Government's offer to purchase your property.  Click to read more 
See the latest information on funding available.   Click for details
New properties for rent are listed. - Click for details
The Sumner Business Association are busy planning ideas for future events for Sumner.  If you have any ideas you would like to share email entertainment@sumnercommunity.org.nz