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15 May 2013

14 May - SCRA gave a 10 minute presentation at the CCC regarding our application on the three year plan.  Here is what we had to say.

Sumner Community Residents Association updates by Darren Wright chair@sumnerresidents.co.nz 021 511 325.

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14 May 2013

Hearing submission by Marnie Kent on behalf of the Sumner Community Residents Association  (H11130)

Three Year Plan ChCh

Sumner needs council funds spent on upgrading, repairing and rebuilding what has been damaged from the earthquake and replacement of outdated equipment.  Sumner is an economic hub that generates significant revenue for council and local businesses.  Above all the Sumner Draft Master Plan which has been an historic process of Council and Community Engagement must have funds allocated to it in the 3 year plan if not only to kick start this fantastic redevelopment of the central village area but just as importantly to show commitment to Sumner and provide a positive boost to social and psychological wellbeing of the Sumner people and the greater Christchurch. 

What are Sumner’s Strengths?

People are drawn to Sumner’s landscape, seascape, village atmosphere, lifestyle and friendly people.  Just like Christchurch City, Sumner is a destination for tourists. 

What has Sumner to offer people?

  1. A place to stay – People choose Sumner as a place to live long term or overnight stay. 
  2. A place to visit – Tourist companies promote Sumner as a seaside destination.  ChCh locals visit Sumner for an outing especially on hot days.
  3. A place to have fun – Various activities (walking, tramping, cycling, swimming, surfing, paddling, running, skydiving, horse riding, BBQ, earthquake damage sightings, etc)

How does Sumner contribute economically?

Many businesses based in Sumner contribute taxes and rates through their services for Accommodation, Restaurants, Retail, Entertainment, Sports & Rec.  Businesses rely on locals and tourists to survive.  “Visitor and tourism promotion has been identified as a significant economic contributor to Christchurch” (p178).  Sumner ratepayers contribute a significant proportion of the Council rate income due to high property values in the area.

Why should Council contribute funds to Sumner?

The earthquakes damaged many community facilities in Sumner such as the Community Centre/Library/Museum, Public toilets, Scarborough paddling pool, Scarborough Lifeboat & Jetboat.  Some community facilities still standing are old and retired and long overdue for replacement (Scarborough playground 40+ years old).   Some paths are old and retired and also overdue for replacement (promenade).  Perhaps most importantly the people of Sumner have suffered significantly during and since the earthquakes and need to see clear support from the Council for their own social and psychological wellbeing.

What are the top 3 essential projects in Sumner needing funding? 

  1. The Sumner Village Centre Master Plan has a list of recommendations that will need funding.  HFCB have signed off the master plan.  As for the Community Centre, The Council should be commended as council staff have already began engaging with community organisation leaders for input to a community center that is modern, flexible and able to cater for a large range of diverse uses both today and into the future.  This building needs specific Council funding, as insurance monies will not cover the rebuild suitable for todays needs.  A village green has proven to be a valuable asset, which would be a sad loss unless relocated somewhere else in the village.  A rotunda, once located in Sumner, would create a space for impromptu entertainment for all generations.
  2. We believe that a 21st century world class Coastal Pathway would attract people of all shapes and sizes to use it.  “Participation in recreation is essential to improving quality of life and a key way for Council to help build strong and safe communities with active happy people and families” (p148).  This pathway would be accessible 24/7 and is free to use.  Christchurch needs many attractions to lure tourists back.  Some areas where funding could be spent – new pathway surface and landscaping from Cave Rock to Scarborough Lifeboat, BBQ & seating areas, Information boards (map) outlining Sumner’s features, new waste and recycle bins scattered widely.
  3. Green spaces.  The community garden movement is growing everyday as highlighted in the wider media.  Funding is required for coordination and facilitation of food initiatives along with permission to allow community gardens on public land and street verges.  “Strengthening Communities through Community Development projects and capacity building” (P218)

Join us as we support the ‘All right’ campaign, to get people outdoors, visiting community facilities and engaging in community wellbeing.  Sumner needs council’s support to boost people’s morale, wellbeing and businesses.  “The Council ensures that communities have access to a range of facilities that enable participation in social, educational, cultural and recreational activities.  This helps build community capacity, connectedness and well being through a more lively city” (P218)

It’s about the people, the people, the people!!  As we say “Sumner Rocks” as a destination and “Sumner I’m Yours” for all to enjoy.  Lets collaboratively showcase what’s special about Sumner as a destination so everyone can benefit.

2 May 2013 Update

SCRA needs support from a local resident who is ICT savy.  We are looking to sharpen up our communications.  Can you help?  Contact Marnie on 326 4144 for details.

15 Apr 2013 Update

Winter is approaching and we would like to identify residents who are the most vulnerable and whose home repairs should be given priority.  Could this be you or do you know someone?

22 Feb 2013 Update

Canterbury home repairs for the vulnerable

Not getting anywhere with your EQC claims?  Click her to read the criteria for vulnerable .

If you fit this criteria, the Sumner Community Residents Association would like to hear from you so we can request you be placed in a priority cue to be processed quicker.

Please provide us with your details online or print the attached form.

16 Dec 2012 Update

IAG (State, NZI, IAG Banks) regarding insurance payouts for people who have red stickers on their homes.

Dear All,
Please see below a note from IAG (State, NZI, IAG Banks) regarding insurance payouts for people who have red stickers on their homes.   Most of you will already have this information so our apologies for that but for others please read though this as it does affect your insurance claim and your Red Zone offer from CERA.
The key points of the notice are:
·         If you are red zoned/red stickered and insured with IAG you should hold off accepting the Governments offer to purchase your house and land until better information is available (perhaps everyone should do this as other insurance companies are still assessing this also),
·         If you have already accepted the governments offer then IAG will look to top up your payment to the rebuild amount if that is the outcome for other red stickered houses.  Please note that this top up MAY NOT apply if you accept the governments offer from here on forward,
·         You should have already heard from your IAG claims handler but if not please contact the helpline and tell them you want to speak to someone about red stickered houses in the Port Hills,
·         If you are Red Stickered and Green Zone please contact IAG immediately and or email us with your details,
·         In order to advance your situation you should contact the CCC and request all the geotech information regarding your property, IAG will need this and cannot get it from the CCC due to privacy concerns.
·         This process does not affect your application to the CCC to have your red sticker removed as this is a separate process, nor does it impact on your application to CERA for a area zoning change if you have already done that.
If you have an elderly neighbour or friend who is red stickered please copy this off and give it to them.
IAG’s Notice
The situation:
·         IAG has advice that just over 100 customers’ properties in the Port Hills red zone may be permanently subject to a section 124 notice under the Building Act 2004, due to the risk of rock fall, cliff collapse or other life-risk issues. IAG has proactively sought its own legal opinion on this issue, which has resulted in advice that red zoned properties permanently subject to s.124 notices may be constructive total losses under the terms of the respective insurance policy. We understand a number of other insurance companies are now seeking their own legal opinions. Southern Response has one already that lines up with IAG’s.
IAG’s position:
·         The advice IAG has received is that where these dangers cannot be effectively addressed and the s.124 notice cannot be removed, it permanently deprives those customers of the use of their properties. The advice is that these properties should be treated as a constructive total loss under the terms of the respective insurance policy. This response is due purely to the life risk issues that exist in the Port Hills, as deemed by the Council.
·         Section 124 notices are imposed by the Council under the Building Act 2004.  Properties that are red zoned but not subject to s.124 notices are not subject life risk issues, and therefore constructive total loss provisions cannot apply under the terms of the insurance policy.
·         IAG understands that some notices and zonings have been challenged and expects some s.124 notices may still be removed, and that the properties subject to s.124 notices may still change (i.e. potentially some added, some removed). IAG has sought information from the Council to verify which properties are subject to the notices, and the geotechnical information supporting their imposition to confirm the danger cannot be adequately addressed and the notice removed. IAG were required to request this information under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, and at time of writing, have not had a response.
·         IAG will need to work through each of these claims on an individual basis. It is notifying customers of this issue through claims case managers.
·         Once  IAG receive the geotechnical information for the s.124 red zone Port Hills properties, this will further inform views about Green Zone Port Hills properties with section 124 notices.
IAG response to questions about potential mitigation allowing customers to remain:
Policies may respond to risk mitigation in certain circumstances. Issues that would need to be understood include feasibility and other parties impacted or tied to mitigation. A number of the risks present in the Port Hills are not located on the homeowners property, making remediation complex and potentially out of the affected homeowners’ control.  IAG would need to work through these on a case-by-case basis.
If the red zoning remained in place,  IAG would look at paying out the equivalent value of the remediation (potentially in addition to Crown Offer option two) rather than remediate. We told the Press that IAG’s role is to assist customers to get their maximum entitlement under their policy and that what they do with it is up to them.
Some followup questions were:
If the S124 is lifted but the property remains red zoned, can you/will you still insure the house?
It is unlikely that insurance will be offered, or would continue. In normal circumstances, once a customer chooses a Crown Offer, IAG would cancel the insurance.
Can you see potential in a legal challenge to the legitimacy of some of these s.124 notices?
We understand some owners have already requested determinations on s.124 notices.
What choices  does this give Port Hills red zoned customers also subject to a s.124 notice?
Red zoned s.124 owners would get the choice of the Crown Offer, or the constructive total loss provision if IAG’s investigation proves they are eligible.
What about those considering or who have accepted a Crown Offer?
We advise those considering a Crown Offer to pause while this situation is resolved, so they can make a fully informed decision. In the interests of fairness, IAG will work with any Red Zoned/s.124 owners who have already accepted a Crown Offer to ensure they are not disadvantaged.
What else did  IAG say?
IAG advises any red zoned Port Hills owners subject to a s.124 notice to contact their Claims Case Manager if they haven’t been in contact already.
Darren Wright
Sumner Community Residents Association
Ph: 021 511 325

SBS photo with chq copy

26 Nov Update

We were selected as one of the ten Not for profit organisations to receive $1,000.  Read how to register your organisation with SBS Bank.

A big thankyou to Sumner Supervalue for donating $200 to SCRA to help pay for the new Sumner Community Hub signage.

SCRA opened a SBS Star bank account to take advantage of the benefits SBS offer Not for profit organisations.  Go to SBS to read more on how your organisation can register.

7 Sep Update

The meeting was well attended and went smoothly.  The members on the night were all in favour for the following:

  • Name change
  • Constitution/Rules change
  • New committee member
  • Membership - Free
  • Name change to Sumner Community Residents Association along with the new Sumner Community Residents Associaton logo.

Reappointed committee members include: Darren Wright (Chair), Susan Kaschula (Secretary), Bailey Peryman, Chris Rossiter, Fran McGrath, John Goodrich, Peter Hansen.

New committee member: Kath Cross from the Sumner Business Association.

7 Sep Update

  • Newly appointed Sumner Community Development Coordinator.
  • New Sumner Community Hub set to open soon in the Sumner Village.

Sumner Community Development Coordinator

Marnie Kent (a self employed contractor) has been appointed by the SRA in the newly created role as  the Sumner Community Development Coordinator.  Marnie started on 13 August and has since been actively engaged in community development in the following tasks so far:

1. Flooding - coordinating meetings with residents, CCC & ECan to resolve issue of flooding from:

  • Cave rock outfall (between surf club & cave rock) – soakage swell meaning water is supposed to soak into the ground.  Problem is that the dunes move and grow.  Soakage swell work well when designed well.  May be that the soil and grass are slowing the soakage effect in the swell.
  • Richmond Hill Drain (beside cave rock) – jets work to blast away the sand infront of the drain so the drain door can open.  They operate by control.
  • Drains 100mtrs East of Richmond hill drain – only operate in extreme circumstances when the village is in flood.  These take overload from Richmond Hill drains.
  • Sumner Main drain (Scarborough end) – flooding in Arnold st is due to land contour and when high tide and high rainfall.  Cant be avoided.

2. Funding - researching into funding available to communities.

3. SRA Policies and Procedures - setting up.

Sumner Community Hub

The Sumner village will soon have a community hub open to the public for support in areas such as:

  • Help with searching for funding, assistance in writing funding applications, administration of successful funding, support under SRA incorporation umbrella depending on the project and if it meets the SRA's mission.
  • Sumner related issues (eg. flooding, fire hazards, pot holes, traffic hazards etc) can be raised and followed up with the appropriate authority.
  • Key stakeholder presence such as EQC, Ministry of health etc.
  • Listing something on the Sumner Community website.
  • Just to name a few services available.

2 August Update

The Sumner Residents' Association are sending a representative (Peter Hansen) to join The Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board for a one hour briefing on technical category 3 (TC3, blue) land, to be held on Wednesday 15 August, at 1pm at the Woolston Club, 43 Hargood Street, Woolston.
The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), supported by other key agencies, is providing this briefing to the Board and invited guests in advance of community meetings they will be holding late August and September in affected communities.  The purpose of the briefing is to inform, answer key questions on TC3 land and to seek feedback from the Board and attendees to enable the community presentations to be tailored to their communities.
The Board invites you to this briefing because of your local knowledge and contacts.  Although TC3 land may not be a significant issue in your local community, this invite is extended to you for your interest.  This is not a public briefing.
Jo Daly, Community Board Adviser - Hagley/Ferrymead Democracy Services
DDI: 03 941 6601
Mobile: 027 236 9052
Email: jo.daly@ccc.govt.nz

30 July Update

The SRA has secured 20 brand new oil heaters to give away for FREE to the elderly and vulnerable.  Do you know anyone amongst your group or who might be a neighbour to you?  Details of the vulnerable need to be provided to Marnie Kent (326 4144 or marniek@xtra.co.nz) by Tuesday 5pm the latest.

Please email their details:
Contact number
Category (elderly, vulnerable family with no heating)
Here is a link to the Dimplex OFRC15c 1.5KW Steel Eco Oil Free Column Heater. (cat no. 4152095) 54.99 * onargos.co.uk

2 July Update

Useful links for rates relief, geotech, S124, personal support, accommodation support, financial support, CERA, EQC & Insurance.

  • Rates Relief




  • Geotech  information



  • S124 notices


  • Geotech – Cliff Collapse


  • Geotech – Landslides


  • Geotech – Rockfall


Personal Support

  • Earthquake Counselling and Social Support


  • Free Counselling Options


Accommodation Support

Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service (CETAS)


  • Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service (CETAS) FAQ’s


  • Determining what assistance you require


  • Temporary accommodation fact sheet


  • Temporary accommodation application form


  • Temporary villages


Financial Support

Red Cross


  • Disability Support Grant application form


  • Red Cross – Winter Assistance Grant application form


  • Red Cross – Storage Grant application form

Homeowners - http://www.redcross.org.nz/cms_show_download.php?id=577

Renters - http://www.redcross.org.nz/cms_show_download.php?id=591

  • Red Cross – Targeted Moving Assistance application form


  • Red Cross – Independent Advice Grant application form


Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)


  • Port Hills White Zone Booklet


  • Earthquake Assistance Centres


EQC & Insurance



  • FAQ’s


  • EQC Claims Settlement


Insurance Ombudsmen


  • Residential


  • Insurance Ombudsmen – Commercial


19 June update

Position description for Community Advisor/Coordinator for Sumner.

Sumner Community Advisor JD - FINAL.doc 97.00 kB

30 May update

Tindall Foundation

A big thankyou to Brian Parker and Terry O'Leary from CanCERN in helping the SRA obtain funding from the Tindall Foundation .  Also to Darren Wright and Shane Orchard of the SRA committee who worked hard to write the submission.  With all this hard work, the SRA has been granted $60,000 towards:  

  • $25,000 towards building costs for a community hub
  • $5,000 towards connection and set-up costs
  • $30,000 towards salary/contractor for a Community Advisor/Coordinator for 20 hrs pw

Position Vacant

The Sumner Residents Association has a position vacant for a Community Advisor/Coordinator.  Application is open and closes 30 June 2012.  Click her to find out more

16 May update

  Noticeboard - Our appreciation to the Hagley Ferrymead Community Board for $1,000 towards funding the new Sumner Resdients Association noticeboard.  Here we will inform the community about important information that you need to know or have a say on.  We will also display our most resent approved minutes.

Resident Association Forum - Read the latest report on the 2012 Forum for Christchurch Residents Associations.

Its Draft Annual Plan time and **your comment is needed**

The full plan covers:-

  1. Major Community Facilities Rebuild
  2. Draft Annual Plan 2012-13
  3. Financial strategy and proposed changes
  4. Financial overview
  5. Council activities and services
  6. Proposed annual plan capital projects
  7. Financial forecasts
  8. Funding impact statement and rating policy
  9. Council fees and charges
  10. Capital endowment fund

Two submission forms (choose to submit both or just one): 

  1. Draft annual Plan Christchurch (ability to comment on all listed above) - BLUE
  2. Major Community Facilities rebuild (just on community facilities) - GREEN

Full Draft Annual Plan Christchurch Otautahi 2012-13 (binded plan)

  • View the full plan at Dotcom or Joes Garage coffee shops.

Summary Draft Annual Plan Christchurch Otautahi 2012-13 (small booklet)

Option 1 - hand write your submission (TIMELY option)

Writing your submission (form)

Note 1st page is for your submission is for issues raised. 2nd page is for others to sign in agreement with your issues raised.  This saves people time having to write their own submission.  Great for groups/clubs/association etc.  Get your members to support your submission.

Option 2 - go directly online and lodge your submission/s (SUPER FAST option)

Major community facilities rebuild submission

Fran McGrath is a SRA committee member and has made her personal submission available for members of the public to sign in agreement to instead of writing your own.  Fran's submission is available to sign at the Sumner community noticeboard.  Please sign the 2nd page with your details.  IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!!

Here is what Fran has to say regarding the major community facilities rebuild:

Facility Council preferred option AGREE Council preferred option DISAGREE Comments
ChchTown hall Yes   Seems most cost-effective; same facility at least cost
Convention Centre No Yes

Option 2 preferred to get larger facility at least additional cost. This will support visitor and tourist numbers to Chch. It’s important that this supports the  concept of City in a Garden, with river side park?

Savings ($35M) to be used for the other proposals above, that I think have higher priority, such as increased funding to support community development.

Chch Art Gallery Yes    
AMI Stadium No YES Option 3 preferred, similar facility at lower cost, to allow investments in other priority services, including community development, faster rebuild of suburban community centres. Savings: $35M
QEII + Centennial No Yes

Option 2 preferred because of faster construction and access to facility with both aquatic and sports and gym facility.


Better combination with Rec and sport facility at QEII.

Central Library Yes   Support development of suburban libraries over increasing the central library beyond replacement.
Carpark buildings No Yes These are less urgent than an improved public transport system eg light rail and to build library at Sockburn
Sockburn Service Centre Yes    

Draft Annual Plan Christchurch Otautahi 2012-13 submission

Fran McGrath is a SRA committee member and has made her personal submission available for members of the public to sign in agreement to instead of writing your own.  Fran's submission is available to sign at the Sumner community noticeboard.  Please sign the 2nd page with your details.  IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!!

Here is what Fran has to say:

Issue Comment
Sumner rebuild to be funded in 2012-13

Sumner community and commercial buildings have been severely  affected (destroyed) by the major earthquakes. The community, led by a local Sumner Urban Design group which involved hundreds of local people in a series of discussion and white-board sessions, developed key concepts that people support for the rebuild of the commercial area and the links to the beach. The current plan appears to have Sumner redevelopment being funded no earlier than 2014, whereas the planning can be ready much earlier.


The >$70M ‘savings’ proposed below from the Major Facilities options, should be committed to the rebuild of suburban commercial areas, with Sumner being one of the early starters.


Pg 99 draft AP

No additional investment in strengthening communities and community grants

As well as rebuilding the buildings and facilities, our wellness as communities requires equal commitment to strengthening communities and community groups.


From the ‘savings’ proposed below by changing preferred options for some of the major facilities, I strongly urge Council to invest an additional 100% in Strengthening Communities and an additional 100% in Community Grants to support local community groups, thus doubling the modest level of funding from 2011-12, costing a total of XXXXX. The proposed status quo, will result in a decline in community wellbeing, whereas it’s essential the Council invests in strengthening our local communities 2012-13.

Pg 99

No additional investment in walkways and cycleways

This is a unique opportunity to construct cycle ways and walkways for a modern green city. From the ‘savings’ proposed below by changing preferred options for some of the major facilities, I strongly urge Council to invest in additional walkways and cycleways, including the Coastal pathway proposed to Sumner.


Update 11 May

Resignation - Wendy Gilchrist

Appointed - Luch Loughnan

Update 12 April 2012

Resignation - John Cook

Appointed - Chris Rossiter

Update 12 Oct 2011

The meeting was well attended with a good outcome for Sumner.  There was a unaminous vote in favour for the merger of the Sumner Residents Association and the Sumner Community Group.  A new committee was elected:

  • Bailey Peryman
  • Darren Wright (Chair)
  • Fran McGrath
  • Janine Banbury
  • John Cook
  • John Goodrich
  • Marnie Kent (Treasurer)
  • Max Capocaccia
  • Shane Orchard
  • Susan Kaschula (Secretary)
  • Peter Hansen
  • Wendy Gilchrist

The new committee plan to meet next week to discuss the processes for merging and the roles of the committee. 

Update 01 Oct

The Sumner Residents Association (SRA) is an incorporated society made up of local volunteers that work to represent the interests of the Sumner community.

The Sumner Community Group (SCG) was formed in a response to    the immediate needs of the Sumner community following the 22 February earthquake. The SCG is a coalition of local people who believe that Sumner can rebuild and regenerate, better, stronger, and more sustainable than before.

It has become apparent that some of the functions of the SCG could be better undertaken under the more formal structure of the SRA. Many of the functions of the SCG coincide with stated SRA goals.

To work towards this, representatives from the SCG recently approached the SRA Committee proposing that both organisations merge.  The SRA then held a special committee meeting on 23 August, and the following motion was agreed by the committee:

Motion: “That the committee of the Sumner Residents’ Association Inc. recommends to its members that the Association merges with the Sumner Community Group under the auspices of the Sumner Residents’ Association Incorporated and its rules.”

This motion will be put to the full SRA membership at the AGM. Voting privileges are only applicable to paid up members. 

In light of this new structure, we encourage new members to join the SRA to have a broader representation in the local community.  We encourage all members to attend this meeting and support this motion.  

Nominations for Committee and Election of Officers:  All positions must be nominated and seconded by financial members.  These can be accepted at the AGM. jkz

Membership: You can join on the night at the AGM ($5.00 for an individual or $10 per household).