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Sumner Library

30 September 2013

18 September - Council library van will also come to Sumner on a Sunday from the 6th October. 

18 September Update

Just letting you know that the Mobile Library Van will be visiting Sumner on Sundays beginning on the 6 October. The hours will be from 11.00am in the morning until 3.00pm in the afternoon.
This means Sumner will have library service on Friday morning 10.00-12.00, Saturday 10.00-2.00, Sunday 11.00-3.00 and Monday afternoon 2-4.00pm

CCC Mobile library bus is located on the old library site.  Click here to timetable

6 June 2013

We’re pleased to announce some changes to our mobile library van service following community feedback.
From Monday 10 June,  the mobile library van service will stop at three new locations in your area:

  1. Mt Pleasant Community Centre, 3 McCormack's Bay Road,  Mondays from 10am - 12noon.
  2. Sumner Village at the former Sumner Library site. It will no longer stop on the Esplanade, near Cave Rock.  Mondays 1.30pm - 4pm, Fridays 10am -12noon and Saturdays 10am - 2pm.
  3. Heathcote by the lay-by on Station Road, Fridays 2.00pm - 4.00pm

The mobile library service will no longer visit the Redcliffs community as the Redcliffs Voluntary Library volunteers, who initially requested us to stop in Redcliffs have now asked for the library service to be removed.
The aim of introducing the mobile library vans was to ensure residents still had access to library services in areas where libraries are closed due to the earthquakes. These changes to the timetable have been made following a review after the first six months of service, which included consultation with library staff, community associations, the Council’s Strengthening Communities Advisers who have regular contact with community groups and community boards.
We are delighted at the response we have had from residents using the mobile library service. We will be reviewing the service again at the end of this year to ensure we are continuing to meet community need.
We will be advising all current users of the service of the changes.
For the full mobile library timetable and more information visit www.christchurchcitylibraries.com.
Dyane Hosler, Dyane.Hosler@ccc.govt.nz

22 May 2013 Update

Public Meeting

The Sumner Community Residents Association organised a public meeting with local residents, council library staff, council staff, and Councillor for Hagley Ferrymead ward Yani Johanson & Chair of Hagley Ferrymead Community Board Islay McLeod.  The aim of the meeting was to discuss the possiblity of relocating the Council library van to the old Sumner library site.  Here is a summary of what was discussed.

Library Bus
The large size library bus:

  • has retired due to safety and leaking issues.  
  • is not available for library services.

The small size library bus:

  • available until the new Sumner library building is built.  
  • fits 2 customers comfortably and any more becomes a tight squeeze.
  • currently looking into building a ramp with higher hand rails for easier access.
  • aim to be parked on the old Sumner library site early June.  Pending meeting with HFCB and notifying public.   Click here to timetable

Library Bus services
Library book hire fees:

  • request $0 fees to order books via mobile library.  Pending council reply.

Transport service

  • Special bus pick up service
  • Marnie to enquire about a pickup and return service to Eastgate for 1hr for local residents.

Library Building

  • Aim to build by 2015
  • July 2013 council meeting will provide clearer plans for the Sumner Community Centre / Library building.

Library shuttle service

Sumner Community Residents Association is working in conjunction with the Redcliffs Community Hub to use their mini van to shuttle vulnerable residents from Sumner to Eastgate return for a 1hr to shop and library visit.  It is not determined if there will be a small fee or if this will be a free service.   Volunteer drivers are needed.

The Linwood library have offered the following service for passengers arriving on the van:

  • A warm welcome and a tour of the Linwood library facility.
  • An overview of the range of resources available (book, online, newspapers, magazines etc).
  • A beginners computer lesson, depending on need, for regular visitors.
  • An area of the library to engage in conversation, sharing discussion etc.

A lift and an escalator is available to access the library.

8 May 2013 Update

The Sumner Community Residents Association has organised a public meeting with CCC Library staff to meet and discuss what is possible to relocated the temporary library bus service from the Esplanade near Cave Rock to the old Library site on Wakefield Ave.  Members of the public are welcome to join the meeting.  Click here for details on where to meet

Confirmed to attend meeting

  • Islay McLeod - Hagley Ferrymead Community Board (Chair)
  • Dayne Hosler - CCC (Community Library Manager)
  • Louise Easter - CCC (Library staff)
  • Darren Wright - Sumner Community Residents Association (Chair)
  • Peter Hansen - Sumner Community Residents Association (Committee member)
  • Marnie Kent - Sumner Community Residents Association (Sumner Community Development Coordinator)

27 Feb 2013 Update

Reply letter to SCRA from Dyane Hosler, Community Libraries Manager, CCC

Many thanks for your recent communication regarding the retired Mobile Library bus, and your request to give the bus permanent residence at a suitable Sumner location.  
The Council is currently exploring options regarding the ongoing provision of temporarily library services to the Sumner community now that the Sumner Library is demolished.   Your request will be considered as options are developed.
Currently library services are provided to the Sumner community three times a week via the new mobile van.  The mobile van stops at the Esplanade by Cave Rock on Mondays (1.30 - 4.00), Fridays (10- 12noon) and Saturdays (10.00-2.00).  This timetable will be reviewed in April.

8 Jan 2013 Update

Demolition of the earthquake-damaged Sumner Library is underway and is expected to be completed at the end of this month.

Christchurch City Council last month approved the demolition of the library at 14 Wakefield Avenue. This came after a Detailed Engineering Evaluation of the building in May last year showed it had sustained major damage in the 22 February 2011 earthquake and Council insurers agreed the building was uneconomic to repair.

Unit Manager Libraries and Information Carolyn Robertson says the loss of the library has been  a blow to the local community. However, the Council is continuing to look at options for a combined new community facility in the area

“The loss of three facilities that were all so close together – the library and the already demolished Sumner Community Centre and Sumner Museum – has given the Council a unique opportunity to begin looking at the type of facility that might best suit the needs of our community in the future. We will keep the community informed of progress.”

A combined community hub is one of 30 priority projects which in September the Council agreed should be prioritised for funding, further investigations and, where possible, repairs under its Facilities Rebuild Plan project.

A mobile library service continues to visit Sumner and Redcliffs. For more information visit http://www.christchurchcitylibraries.com

For more information about the Council’s Facilities Rebuild Plan project visit www.ccc.govt.nz/facilitiesrebuild

6 Dec Update

Friday 7 December 2012


Sumner Library and South Brighton Community Centre to be demolished

Christchurch City Council has today approved the demolition of the earthquake-damaged Sumner Library and South Brighton Community Centre.

Following Council approval, it is expected that demolition work will begin next month at Sumner Library at 14 Wakefield Avenue and be completed by the end of January. Work to demolish the South Brighton Community Centre at 74 Beatty Street, South Brighton, is due to begin at the end of January and will be completed in February. Items will be retrieved from both buildings before demolition begins.

Both buildings are part of top 30 projects which in September the Council agreed should be prioritised for funding, further investigations and, where possible, repairs.

A Detailed Engineering Evaluation of Sumner Library in May this year showed the Sumner Library building had sustained major damage in the 22 February 2011 earthquake. Council insurers have agreed the building is a total loss.

Engineers have also advised that the South Brighton Community Centre has extensive structural damage. The Council has received a Notice of Demolition from the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority  (CERA) under Section 38 (4) of the Canterbury Earthquake Act 2011 because parts of it are considered to be dangerous. However, as the notice is only for a partial demolition of the building, Council approval to demolish the entire building was sought.

The future of both buildings will be determined as part of the Council’s Facilities Rebuild Plan project. Council staff are continuing to investigate options for a combined Sumner Community Hub. It may be difficult to rebuild on the South Brighton Community Centre site, which is on Technical Category 3 (TC3) land, but this will not be determined until further investigations are carried out.

To see copies of the engineering reports for the Sumner Library and the South Brighton Community Centre and information about the Facilities Rebuild Plan project, visit www.ccc.govt.nz/facilitiesrebuild

29 Oct 2012 Update

From Carolyn Robertson, Libraries and Information Manager

This is to advise that from today we will be removing library stock, IT equipment and shelving from the closed Sumner Library.
We will be moving the library's 18,000 collection items into a container, which will be temporarily parked on gravel in the skateboard park on Nayland Street from 9am today. The public will be able to continue using the skateboard ramp.
We expect it to take about two days to remove the stock but the container will remain on site until Monday 5 November.
We are putting the stock into a shipping container so it can be safely transported to our storage space at Smith Street. After that, it will return into circulation in the library network.
None of the stock is damaged as the building remains watertight. The stock is being removed now because it is the first opportunity library staff have had to move it due to other projects that have been undertaken over the past months. Access to the building was also not possible for some months after the February 2011 earthquake until the neighbouring Sumner Community Centre and Museum was demolished.
The Council is still working through options to determine the future of the library under its Facilities Rebuild Plan project. A proposed Sumner Library, Museum and Community hub was recently identified as one of the
Council's top 30 projects that have been prioritised for funding, further investigations and, where possible, repairs. Staff are continuing to look at how the proposal could proceed. The draft Sumner Village Centre Master Plan will be an important part of any decision-making.
Carolyn Robertson, Libraries and Information Manager, Christchurch City Libraries 941 7851 carolyn.robertson@ccc.govt.nz

9 Sep 2012 Update

from Rosemary Nicholls, Community Libraries Manager

No firm news on whether the library will reopen or need to be rebuilt.

I cannot confirm whether the Sumner Library will be opening again, and if it is to re-open when this would happen.  

The Library has now been assessed by an engineer. There has been some significant damage to the building and we are awaiting information about the level of work required to repair/rebuild the library. Once that information is available the insurance process will determine the cost effectiveness of repair/rebuild.  As with many other buildings, all this is taking time however it is good to have the engineering assessment completed.

I expect that we will try to retrieve stock and equipment from the library once/if it is possible to do so. 

Temporary library facilities are certainly one of the options we consider however there are significant costs associated with any temporary facility. Our thinking about a temporary library at Sumner will be influenced by the outcome of the building repair/rebuild information and overall budget considerations.  Also, the planning for Sumner regeneration will provide direction for short/medium/longer term initiatives, and we will participate fully in that process along with other areas of Council and the Sumner community. You are probably aware of the Suburban Centres Programme but here is the link just in case

http://www.ccc.govt.nz/thecouncil/policiesreportsstrategies/SuburbsRejuvenationProgramme/index.aspx  )

16 July 2012 Update

  1. Q & A about relocating the bus to the village.  Click to read
  2. Located near 16 Esplanade by Cave Rock
  • Every Friday 9:30am - 12:30pm
  • Every Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm
  • Every 2nd Tuesday (red bin day) 9:30am to 4:00pm

Link to mobile library timetable  

For more information contact Dyane.Hosler@ccc.govt.nz

16 July Update

Library Bus

Q1. Can you advise me if the Library bus is able to park beside the community garden in the Sumner village https://maps.google.com/maps?q=-43.569167,172.758596&num=1&t=h&z=19 instead of on the Esplanade?  

A. We chose the Esplanade in the first instance as there was no space in the main street and it would have been dangerous and congested.  We are assuming that now the area is more open that you would like it moved.    We will take this into consideration as we are unable to just change locations without input from Community Boards and the consent process as the bus is very large and there are strict regulations as to where it can stop.  We will consider your proposal taking all these things into account. 

Sumner Library

Q2. Can you also advise if the Sumner library can be temporarily open to the community in a shop https://maps.google.com/maps?q=-43.569464,172.759259&num=1&t=h&z=19 ?  I was advised that some time back the library was being extended and was temporarily set up in a village shop which worked well apparently.  Is this a possibility instead of the bus? 

A. We have been considering this as an option but the cost of setting up and renting space is prohibitive and we do not have funds to do this.  Also, there is a paper being considered by Community Boards and Council on temporary facilities and we are waiting for responses to this before we make any other arrangements.  


Q3. Some members of the Sumner community have said they can’t understand why it is taking the council so long to sort out what to do with the library building and if it is to be pulled down, why has it not been and when will it be?

A. This is a good question.  With 1,600 Council facilities being assessed there is a bit of wait. In the first instance we weren't able to get into the building until March this year due to all the other buildings and containers in our way.  From there we have had DEE reports and insurance reviews and design work being done.  This all takes time and we are working through the process.  From here we need to go to Council and use the Facilities Rebuild Process to asses how we are going to go forward.  It does take time and we understand your frustration as we are keen to move things along too obviously.  I hope this is useful information for the community. 

14 June 2012 Update

Sumner Library 

CCC are still working with the engineers and the insurance company on a way forward.

12 December 2011 Update

Sumner Library

We have been given no indication if or when our badly damaged library will reopen. The library performed an important social and educational  function for residents of all ages. We now rely on a three hour a week visit from the mobile library which is not satisfactory at all because of its very limited stock and lack of services. During term time school children are unable to use the mobile service because it only visits on Fridays between 9 and midday. The round trip  to other libraries ranges from 20 to 30 kms over badly quake-damaged roads. These other libraries are not readily accessible for those who cannot drive and they are not on the Sumner bus route. I am aware of commercial premises that might be available in the heart of Sumner village, an excellent central location for the many elderly people who cannot easily get to libraries in other suburbs. I would ask that the council consider setting up a temporary library in rented premises (as it did when the old library was refurbished when it became a council-owned facility).

The Sumner library engineering report is still with the insurance assessor. There is no indication that this issue will be resolved before Christmas.  Once the insurance issues are resolved the rebuild or repair of the library will be addressed through the Facilities Rebuild Process which is currently with Council for sign off.    The Library is currently investigating options for opening a temporary facility in Sumner.  We have no further information on when or where that might be as yet.

Michael Aitken, General Manager, Community Services, 941 8534