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21 August 2013

21 Aug - Winter Newsletter

Click here for more information about Sumner Local Food projects

21 Aug 2013 Update

Winter Newsletter SBS

16 May 2013 Update

Sumner-van Asch Community Garden is teeming with produce and we have more space to grow so here are several things you can get involved with.
New weekend working hours
Every 2nd Saturday, beginning April 27, the community garden will be having regular working hours from 10am-1pm. There will be a particular focus on helping people who are new to gardening to get started while also contributing to the ever-flourishing growth of this community project.
And on that note...
Plenty to Share Stall to be built
... there is too much produce in the garden for volunteers and staff at van Asch to eat, so we are thinking of ways to make this available to the wider public. We want to build a 'Plenty to Share' cart to sit down in the village where anyone can give or take what they like, as they please.
If anyone would like to help build and decorate the cart, donate some materials to get it done, or can think of a practical place to house it - let us know.
Food Forests
We have a new site within van Asch which is suited to creating a model Food Forest. This approach is scalable to household gardens, parklands and bigger... stand-by for updates on this soon.
Check out this link for an article/video about a Food Forest in Riverton!

16 Apr 2013 Update

Does your garden need some winter TLC?

Did you know that pea straw is great for the garden because it:

  1. Suppresses weeds
  2. Adds nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil
  3. Improves soil structure
  4. Helps conserve water

The Sumner van Asch Community Garden is now taking orders for pea straw ($8/bale).  These will be delivered directly to you if you live in Sumner, or you can pick up from the Community Garden instead.
Delivery will be on Tuesday 23rd April.
If you would like to place an order, please email  by Friday 19th April with:

  • Your name
  • Address and telephone number
  • email address
  • Number of bales required
  • Delivery or pick up option

11 Jan 2013 Update

Food Swap - See flyer attached - starting again this Jan 22 - at the Community Garden. BBQ and pot luck to share. Bring any excess fruit, produce, seeds, seedlings you have to swap.
New van Asch Community Garden working bee hours - Along with the Food Swap, there will also be regular working hours starting from Jan 22, 4.00pm-7.00pm. This will work in with the new Community Nursery and mini Food Forest spaces we have been given within van Asch.
Finally - the community garden is teeming. Please come and pick some food for yourselves!! Or just check out the space, it's super peaceful and abundant right now - salad greens, lettuce, brassicas, beans, silverbeets, courgettes, tomatoes and more... there are plums beginning to ripen around the campus too, lots to share!!!

14 Dec 2012 Update

Free seedlings
There are around 15-20 punnets of seedlings free to a good home, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and silverbeet - have you got a nice shady spot  for these? Collect from 38 Stoke Street, they are sitting on the front lawn, feel free to take until they are gone!
Garden Party - Wednesday 19 December 5.00pm-7.30pm at Sumner-van Asch Community Garden
See the invite attached, bring something to share and your picnic set as we have limited cups. BBQ with sausages and Mulled Wine provided.
New Garden Hours and food swap returning in Jan 2013.
A tentative date is set for Jan 22 to start new garden hours and get the food swap going again. If anyone is keen to help out with organising this (involves just being there and helping with the BBQ!) then contact us.
Vege Box Delivery
Find out how to get yours here
Village Green (community centre site)
Some edibles are now in the village green, they always need TLC so if you are passing by in the morning or evening, just give them a little watering or if you can spare an extra 30 mins to do some weeding then please do. Keep encouraging the young ones playing down there to watch over the plants too. Thanks to the Sumner Greening the Rubble team for keeping energy up around this site - its such an asset!
Sumner-van Asch Community Garden is still on the hunt for garden stakes, if you can spare some or have fronds from flax that can be harvested, please drop them at the garden or at 38 Stoke Street.

27 Nov 2012 Update

Vege Box Deliveries

These have been a great success early on - find out how to get yours here.  There is plenty more interest from a unique range of suppliers is coming forward... biodynamic flour, organic strawberries and kombucha for example! If you are keen to be involved (esp. if you can offer or help us find a larger delivery vehicle!) or find out more, email hello@gardencity.org.nz

Food Swap

Are people ready to start swapping produce again? Let us know via Facebook or email local_food@sumnercommunity.org.nz. What do people think about a time and location? The community garden? The Village Green (old community centre site)?

Garden Party

All welcome! From 5pm, Wednesday 19th December at the Sumner-van Asch Community Garden. Bring a plate/beverages, or something for the BBQ. We are planning to have mulled wine and lots of nice foods grown/made in the area. The community gardeners are also on the hunt for a shade umbrella suitable for a picnic table and garden stakes.

Media releases

Sumner-van Asch Community Garden
The Vege Box Delivery

25 Oct 2012 Update

Help create a food plan for Sumner

November 3rd, at the Sumner Fire Station.  More fresh, tastier food that is grown, distributed and eaten locally. This is a fantastic opportunity to improve our local food systems in Sumner, starting with the spaces we have access to already! All welcome to participate (including children!!) - contribute ideas, hear about our local food research in Sumner area, get inspired by learning about other localising food initiatives around the country. SEE LINK HERE FOR DETAILS

Grafting workshop (free)

November 17 at the Sumner-van Asch Community Garden. Learn the techniques for grafting new limbs onto your fruit trees. More information to come closer to the event.

Vege Box Delivery

The groundwork is done and this new project is aiming for its first delivery in mid-November, find more information and register your interest here. If you would like to be involved with this, please contact Bailey at 326 6927 / 021 122 7638 or email pbperyman@gmail.com

2 Oct 2012 Update

Successfully fundraised $921 at the Great Sumner Picnic event.
A composting session will be happening in the Sumner-van Asch Community Garden this Tuesday. Bring along some organic material - COMPOSTING TIPS
More workshops
We are looking at running a few more workshops before Christmas on Grafting and Home Composting Techniques. If there are any other topics of interest to you then please get in touch, we have a great learning space available at the community garden. Register your interest at local_food@sumnercommunity.org.nz
Mt. Pleasant Community Centre are hosting a Sustainable Living series which includes several lessons on vege gardening: http://sumnercommunity.org.nz/Community-Groups/Environment/Projects/Sustainable-Living-Course
Greening the Rubble: Sumner Community Centre
5 fruit trees waiting to be planted! If you are interested in helping out with this, contact Pam Guest, pam.guestnz@gmail.com
Funding for projects
There is a small amount of funding available for local food projects that is open to anyone with some bright ideas and a bit of commitment. If you would like to discuss a potential project then we are happy to help. Please contact us via local_food@sumnercommunity.org.nz / 326 6927
Local Growers Collective
We are looking for land and keen people with gardening skills and a few spare hours each week to join the Local Growers Collective - a new social enterprise initiative in the early stages of development.
The Collective will negotiate access to unused pieces of land around the neighbourhood and in people's yards and grow food there! Produce or the return from sales at a local market are split between growers and land owners, with a portion going back into developing the Collective, and a portion going to support for community food projects. Contact Bailey, pbperyman@gmail.com / 326 6927 if you are interested in being involved.

7 Sep 2012 Update

As part of fundraising efforts for the Sumner-van Asch Community Garden, we are raising seedlings in the hot-house to sell on to the wider community at the Great Sumner Picnic (September 22). We are running low on punnets and small pots for growing these in.
Please, if you have any lying around your home that won't get used or you want to donate them to a good cause, then please either bring them down to the garden or drop them at 38 Stoke Street in Sumner (on the front porch is fine). We are planning to run a local produce stall at the Picnic just as we did for the Sumner Street Party in May - any donations to this stall would also be greatly appreciated. Last time we raised over $400.
If you are keen to help out down at the garden, we have regular gatherings on Tuesday mornings from 9am-12pm. A weekend session is due to start in the next month or two. See this link for a map to find the garden: http://goo.gl/maps/i7u0

29 Aug 2012 Update

Caring for Fruit Trees workshop

...with qualified horticulturalist and fruit trees expert Hamish Kelland. Topics include pruning, tool selection and maintenance, and general care for fruit trees.
Sumner-van Asch Community Garden - see map here: http://goo.gl/maps/i7u0
Saturday 8 September, 9am-12pm, a gold coin donation or $10 for a family group to help us cover costs. Includes a BBQ and mulled wine.
Register your interest via Bailey Peryman, 326 6927 or local_food@sumnercommunity.org.nz

Seed raising

Sumner-van Asch Community Gardeners are raising seedlings for a fundraiser and we need more seed trays and punnets. If you have some lying around home that won't be used then please drop these at 38 Stoke Street (on the front porch is fine). Any tools, seeds, seedlings or gardening materials are always appreciated too, we have a nice new shed to fill now!

Brownlee Reserve - proposal for a community orchard

Several people have successfully established fruit trees in a small section of this park on Clifton Hill. These are going to be removed as the Chch City Council are planning to build a new retaining wall. There is a round of consultation occurring for a new playground in this park. Clink on this link to make a submission (very easy!) and here are some words to adopt if you would like to support a section of the reserve becoming a community orchard:
We would like to see a community orchard and edible plantings incorporated into the concept plan. A space where this would be successful has been identified by members of the Sumner Local Food Group and falls within Area 4 of the current concept plan. We seek an amendment to the concept plan to incorporate this proposal and for it to be actioned alongside 'Other works to be completed'  in Area 4. Although it would be warmly received, no further funding is required from CCC to enable this and the plantings would be managed by a local community group with legal support and public liability insurance from local community organisations.

Sumner Community Centre (Village Green)

The Sumner Greening the Rubble Group are working with the Local Food Group to fill some new planters on this site with edible plantings (citrus, cranberries, herbs). Please contact Pam Guest (pam.guestnz@gmail.com) if you are keen to help out with this or would like to make a donation to support purchase of plants.

Local Food Resilience

We had a great turn out for the talk from Robina McCurdy on Local Food Resilience - plenty of inspiration for the new growing season ahead. For those who registered interests in organic growing, there is a temporary site available for a keen group to pursue. Also interested in hearing from those interested in a Food Connect / food hub project in the area. Contact Bailey at 326 6927 or local_food@sumnercommunity.org.nz if you are keen to form a group and get this going immediately.

27 Jul 2012 Update

Composting day

From now on, the last Tuesday of the month is composting day at the Sumner-van Asch Community Garden - starting Tuesday 31 July, 9am-12pm. If you can bring down your food scraps and green waste that would be much appreciated. If you are not sure what is good for composting and what's not, then check out this website.
We are keen for this to evolve into a system that redirects more of our organic waste back into local food production using the Community Garden as a hub. So the waste minimisation friends out there should get in touch ASAP.

Maintaining fruit trees

The steering committee are looking at hosting a workshop on pruning fruit trees to be held at the Community Garden. Who is interested in attending and what days/times would suit? Register your interest at vanasch.communitygarden@sumnercommunity.org.nz
If you have any fruit tree seedlings popping up or know about taking cuttings or doing grafting, we would also be interested to hear from you.

Weekend working hours

Lots of people are saying they want to come down to garden on the weekend - all we need is a champion to be a regular person to get a regular group started. We have a great steering group to help out with running the garden so all we're asking is for someone keen to turn up regularly on the weekend.

Looking ahead...

As the community garden gets settled it will be able to serve as a centre for learning and gaining experience about food from locals in the area. We are also keen to produce lots of seedlings and information to support people gardening at home. We need your help though!

26 July 2012 Update

Peastraw Fundraiser with Free delivery, has been a huge success, and as a result we have SOLD OUT.

Many thanks for all who ordered, and in turn supported the Sumner/van Asch Community  Garden.We be repeating this opportunity next year in autumn, so look out for our notices and advertisements.Happy Gardening. from S/vA Gardening Team