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Christchurch City Council

24 September 2014

 Our City. Our Future.

The Christchurch City Council is encouraging residents to have their say about the Long Term Plan that will shape the city over the next 10 years.

The Plan covers everything we do and how we pay for it. This includes:

 fixing roads, footpaths and storm water systems
 repairing or rebuilding damaged community facilities
 our share of the costs for Central City Anchor projects such as the New Central Library and Metro Sports Facility.




What are we looking at?

How to best:
·· Determine where the city should grow
·· Ensure the district is a good place to live, work and get around
·· Manage risks to people and property
·· Look after the district’s environment

Some of the options the Council is considering
·· Greater emphasis on the quality of the urban environment
·· Increased provision for higher housing densities across the city
·· Greater recognition of the risks of natural hazards
·· Encouraging water and energy conservation
·· Stronger recognition of Ngāi Tahu values
·· A reduction in the number of resource consents and notifications required



To find out more and give feedback

·         View the draft set of chapters on www.ccc.govt.nz/districtplanreview   

·         Come along to one of our meetings

·         Fill in our survey at www.surveymonkey.com/s/B5HGS7S

·         Email dpreview@ccc.govt.nz

Feedback by 30 March 2014



Community meetings

·         Mon 10 Mar - 5.30–7.30pm, Hagley-Ferrymead community, The Woolston Club, 43 Hargood Street, Woolston

·         Mon 10  Mar- 5.30 -7.30pm, South-west Hornby Industrial area, Auditorium, Hornby High School, 180 Waterloo Road, Hornby

·         Tue 11 Mar - 5.30–7.30pm, Riccarton-Wigram community, Air Force Museum, 45 Harvard Avenue, Wigram

·         Wed 12 Mar - 5.30–7.30pm, Lyttelton-Mt Herbert community, Lyttelton Main School, Oxford Street, Lyttelton

·         Wed 12 Mar - 5.30–7.30pm, Spreydon-Heathcote community, Cashmere Club, 50 Colombo Street, Beckenham

·         Tue 18 Mar- 5.30–7.30pm Shirley-Papanui community, Papanui Baptist Church, 144 Sawyers Arms Road, Northcote

·         Tues 18 Mar - 5.30-7.30pm, Memorial Avenue/Russley Road Industrial Park zone, Russley Golf Club, 428 Memorial Avenue

·         Wed 19 Mar - 5.30-7.30pm, Fendalton-Waimairi community, Aurora Centre, Burnside High School, 151 Greers Road, Burnside

·         Wed 19 Mar- 5.30-7.30pm Hagley/Ferrymead Community, The Woolston Club, 43 Hargood Street, Woolston

·         Thu 20 Mar- 5.30–7.30pm, Burwood-Pegasus community, Chisnallwood School, 76 Breezes Road, Avondale

6 December

council notice page 1
council notice page 2

24 October

The CCC had advised that the first chapters of the District Plan Review would be notified for submissions in late November 2013. This is no longer the case. Notification of the first chapters will now take place in the new year, with a specific date still to be determined. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or feedback on the District Plan Review, please email dpreview@ccc.govt.nz

For more information on the Review, see http://www.ccc.govt.nz/thecouncil/policiesreportsstrategies/districtplanning/districtplanreview/index.aspx


21 December

Many properties on the Port Hills have been red zoned because of the risk of rockfall.
Following a decision by Councillors on 6 December 2012, owners of Port Hills property, who have received a red-zone offer, may apply to the Council for funding to erect a private rockfall protection structure. The Council will consider the feasibility of proposed rock protection structures on a case-by-case basis.
Attached is an information pack for property owners considering applying for funding for a private rockfall protection structure. The information includes an outline of the funding process, frequently asked questions and a pre-application form.
Applicants will need to consider very carefully whether they want to go through the process, which may be time-consuming and costly.  Applicants must also accept the additional ongoing liability of maintaining and possibly replacing the structure in the future.
To assist applicants in making this very important decision, there will be a forum on Monday 21 January 2013 to explain the funding application process and answer any questions you may have to assist you in deciding whether to make an application.
The forum will be held in the Function Room, Civic Offices, 53 Hereford Street from 9am to 10.30pm. Anyone wishing to attend should register by emailing porthillsgeotech@ccc.govt.nz, or by phoning the customer call centre 03 941 8999 by Thursday 17 January 2013.
Information about the funding process can also be found at www.ccc.govt.nz/porthillsgeotech.
Peter Mitchell,  General Manager, Regulation and Democracy Services, Christchurch City Council

10 October Update

Geotechnical Information Seminar

Two geotechnical information presentations will be held this Saturday 13 October 2012 at the University of Canterbury.

These presentations are to help explain the complex and technical information in the GNS Science reports which were prepared for the Council in response to the Canterbury earthquakes. These reports contain information on the life-safety risk from rockfall (boulder roll and cliff collapse) on the Port Hills.

The presentations will be held in the University of Canterbury’s Central Lecture Theatres C1 to C3 (please refer map below for location) and will be presented by GNS Science Engineering Geologist Dr Chris Massey. Parking will be available in the Clyde Road car park, entry is via University Drive or Arts Road. Follow Arts Road through to C-lecture theatre block, as indicated on the map.

The two sessions are:

10am to noon – Cliff Collapse

This talk will summarise information contained in the two technical reports CR2012/57 March 2012 and CR2012/124 May 2012. These GNS Science reports focus on selected areas where damage occurred from cliff top collapse, and where rock debris was deposited at the bottom of cliffs during earthquakes. The talk will go through the data used and the methodology adopted to assess the risk of death (life safety) faced by an individual living directly above or below some of the major cliffs in the Port Hills

1pm to 3pm – Rockfall/Boulder Roll

This talk will summarise information contained in the two technical reports CR2011/311 March 2012 and CR2012/123 May 2012. This talk will step through the data used and the methodology adopted to assess the risk of death (life- safety) faced by an individual in the Port Hills living below rocky bluffs where life safety is threatened by individual boulders rolling and bouncing at high speed for long distances downslope.

To register for the either or both of the sessions, please go online at: http://christchurchcitycouncil.eventbrite.co.nz/ or call the Council’s Customer Call Centre on 941 8999 for assistance.

It is important to understand the sessions are about explaining the information contained within the reports to help understand the science behind the life-safety risks from rockfall (boulder roll and cliff collapse) on the Port Hills.

The sessions will not cover the CERA zoning decisions or review, the criteria for the placement of section 124 notices or options for mitigation.

University of Canterbury Site Map

27 July Update


Rock stabilisation work will be continuing above Evans Pass Road during August. The timeframe may be subject to change but will be advised.  You may hear the sound of drilling, explosives and helicopters as part of this work

Nearby residents have been contacted to inform them about the work and the requirement for some people to be out of their homes during working hours (8.00am - 17.30pm Monday to Friday on a daily basis).


Any further questions for Council officers can be directed to porthillsgeotech@ccc.govt.nz.

  • Please note that the closure of Evans Pass Road and the tracks on the slopes above Evans Pass will be enforced between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. There is no access permitted to the public due to the multiple hazards that are present on this site.

17 July Update

Tsunami warning system to be tested this Sunday 22 July at 11am for two minutes.

Further testing will happen on the Sunday when daylight saving begins and ends.

2 July Update

Campbell Live - No agreement on red-zoned funding in port hills. 


21 June Update

New rules allow earthquake rates changes

Christchurch City Council has welcomed Central Government’s adoption of new legislation that allows rates to be reassessed during the rating year. 

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker says the Council lobbied for the change so that city rates would better reflect the situation of ratepayers.

“Basically, the new rules mean that when a house is demolished we can reduce the rates almost immediately, and when a new house is built we can increase the rates accordingly. The old rules didn’t allow us to do this – we had to wait until the new financial year before adjusting rates,” Mayor Parker says.

The Order in Council announced by Central Government this week means rates can be adjusted within a financial year if a house is demolished, new building is completed, or land is subdivided.

Mayor Parker says this allows the Council to better respond to changes to city properties as earthquake demolitions and rebuilds progress.

“Thousands of demolitions and rebuilds will be carried out in Christchurch in coming years and it makes sense that the rates we charge actually reflect the status of the property,” Mayor Parker says.

Ordinarily, once rates are assessed for a property on 1 July each year they can not be changed, irrespective of any change to that property. So if a house existed on 1 July but was demolished on 2 July, the property owner would still have to pay the full year’s rates on the house.

The Canterbury Earthquake Rating Order 2012 means that once a building has been demolished the Council can reduce rates for the property to land value from the first day of the following month. Equally, once a building is completed and the occupants begin to use Council services they will be rated on the full value of the property.

Should your property be demolished, subdivided, or building completed during the year you will receive a property valuation notice from Council's valuers and a revised rates assessment from the Council. 

14 June 2012 Update

Sumner Library.  CCC are still working with the engineers and the insurance company on a way forward.

5 March 2012 Update

Aurecon have published a series of rockfall maps showing where rocks fell during and after the earthquakes.

Unfortunately the maps are of insufficient resolution to make out much detail.

Christchurch City Council rockfall maps.

24 Dec Update

A loss adjustment team has been on the library site this week in Wakefield Avenue. The building is being assessed again from an insurance perspective. Council are now waiting on their report as to whether the building will be repairable or removed. In the meantime, the council is looking for alternative locations for a library service. We are working closely with Kevin Bennett on the temporary facilities project which will be going to Council soon. Libraries are also looking into some alternative sites just in case. If we do find an alternative location we will have to apply for funding to pay rental and other costs.

Sally Thompson, Places and Spaces Manager, Wāhi Tangata, Christchurch City Libraries.  941 7931,  sally.thompson@ccc.govt.nz 

Sumner Community say: You could always put a couple of those container buildings - take a look at the Village Grape's setup if you don't know what we are talking about - on the Community Centre site next door. Surely that couldn't cost much more than sending the bus out here once a week. Quite frankly, we don't care that much about the old library building, we just want a library again. Want to talk about this? Contact us .

6 Jan 2012 Update

Latest earthquake information revealed

Christchurch is likely to experience more magnitude five or six earthquakes during the coming months but larger earthquakes are likely to be further away from the city causing less damage, experts say.

The latest earthquakes which have been occurring off the coast in Pegasus Bay are also unlikely to produce a large earthquake of magnitude seven, resulting in a life threatening tsunami.

GNS Science and Tonkin and Taylor experts today briefed the city’s elected members, local Members of Parliament and media about the latest seismic information at a meeting in the Christchurch Events Village in North Hagley Park. Mayor Bob Parker called the meeting following the latest aftershocks which began on 23 December 2011.

GNS Science Earthquake Scientist Kelvin Berryman said, “Our expectation is that the current sequence of earthquakes will start to decrease over the coming months and certainly we believe that a lot of the stress has already been released on the fault lines closer to the city. We believe we are progressing into a period similar to after the February and June 2011 earthquakes. They will go on for some time but they will become undetectable over time.”

He also said that the risk of tsunami had not changed as a result of the recent earthquakes. “From the information we have, a local source tsunami from an earthquake fault in Pegasus Bay is thought to be unlikely.”

Other key points made at today’s briefing include:

  • The magnitude six earthquake that occurred on 23 December was only slightly above what scientists had predicted. Scientists have previously said that there was a 50% chance of a magnitude 5-5.9 earthquake occurring in the coming year.
  • The probability of a magnitude seven earthquake is low.
  • The peak ground acceleration (a measurement of how hard the ground shakes) is decreasing. The peak ground acceleration during the 23 December aftershocks was less than the 13 June aftershocks and significantly lower than that experienced during the 22 February earthquake, which caused significant building and ground damage.
  • It is difficult to predict how long the region will continue to experience earthquakes but it could last for up to several decades. However, they will become undetectable except on sensitive instruments over time.

For further information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

For media inquiries, please contact Communications Manager Di Keenan on 027 235 3711.


24 Dec Update

Water should return to Sumner Redcliffs mt pleasant etc by mid morning today (Saturday) According to ccc Facebook page.

23 Dec Update

The Christchurch City Council  is establishing an Emergency Operations Centre in the city, following this afternoon's 5.8 earthquake.  The quake is believed to have resulted in:
*    Rock fall behind containers at Scarborough
*    Some liquefaction reported at Parklands
Police are doing aerial reconnaissance to check for damage across the city.
All Council buildings will be closed, until they can be assessed as safe to occupy.  People should assume all Council buildings are closed until they can be assessed and declared safe.
There are reports of a power supply outage at New Brighton, though this is not believed to cover a large area.
The Council is still assessing whether water or waste services have been affected.

15 Dec Update - Notices to fix issued on dangerous homes

Notices to fix are being issued by the Christchurch City Council on 27 homes in the Port Hills that are in danger from geotechnical risks like rockfall, cliff collapse and landslide.

The Council has issued to around 500 homes notices prohibiting entry under section 124 of the Building Act since 22 February 2011 for geotechnical reasons because of the significant risk created by recent earthquakes. The Council has issued these notices because it considers it dangerous to live in these homes and public safety has been the top priority.

Despite the danger, the Council is aware of a small number of residents who have chosen to remain in their homes.

Council General Manager Regulation and Democracy Services Peter Mitchell says the Council is obliged to enforce the section 124 notices already issued, and will today issue a “Notice to Fix” on properties where it is known residents are still living.

“We can not sit back and ignore the fact that people are living in homes that we have deemed are at risk of rockfall or other geotechnical issues. Our city is still at risk of another earthquake and the outcome could be tragic for these residents or people visiting their homes.

“We are aware of 27 properties where people continue to reside, despite the issue of notices prohibiting entry. Today we will issue secondary notices to these properties.

“While we understand that it is difficult for people who can not be in their homes, we must make safety the number one priority. The notices have been issued for good reason and it is very important that people follow them,” Mr Mitchell says.

The Notice to Fix is essentially a reiteration of the first section 124 notice. The Notice to Fix will require compliance within 20 working days from the date of service – for notices issued today, that means compliance is required by 18 January 2012. Should any residents remain in these homes after that date, the Council will consider applying to the District Court for an injunction. The issue would then sit with the Court for any further action.

100 per cent rates relief for at-risk hill homes

Properties that have been issued section 124 notices prohibiting entry will not have to pay rates while residents are out of their homes.

Christchurch City Council today (Thursday 15 December) agreed to amend its Rates Remission Policy to give owners of properties at risk of rockfall, cliff collapse, unsafe access or who have been instructed by the Council to leave their properties under section 124 (1) (b) of the Building Act 100 per cent rates remission.

The earthquake-related rates remission policy adopted by the Council for 2011/12 provides 40 per cent rates remission for residential properties that are unable to be occupied. The Council considered that because residents are not entitled to occupy properties where section 124 notices have been issued and that Council is obliged to enforce these notices, that full remission on rates was appropriate.

There are currently 525 properties affected, however this number could increase as risk assessments continue in the hills. You can read the report to Council about this matter on today’s online agenda at:


Support and assistance

Residents are advised to contact their insurance company to discuss how their policies can be used to provide assistance during the time that notices are in effect.

For information on Government assistance that may be available to homeowners, visit the Support and Assistance section of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) website www.cera.govt.nz/support-and-assistance or phone 0800 RING CERA (0800 7464 2372).

Update 12 Dec

Scarborough paddling pool: I have been informed by the council there are no plans to fix this for the summer. This facility is hugely popular in summer and needed more than ever given the questionable state of the water given the sewage issues on Scarborough. For weeks there was raw sewage coming out the storm water drain at the far end of Scarborough beach and we can’t rule out the possibility of future sewage spills..

We appreciate the popularity of the Scarborough paddling pool and share the communities distress at its current condition. The Scarborough paddling pool will not open this summer.  The pool has suffered considerable damage to the pool tank, surrounds, buildings and underground services, and has yet to be fully assessed as to whether it can be repaired or would need to be rebuilt. This assessment will be undertaken after the summer season.  The time of the assessment will depend on progress with and scheduling of other building assessments.  In the meantime and in order to assist in providing some aquatic service we are supporting the Sumner community swimming pool.

Walking tracks: can’t some of the ridgeline tracks be opened?

Work is continuing on the reopening of parks tracks. Some of the tracks in less affected areas are open, the Council's website has the most up to date information on tracks:  www.ccc.govt.nz/trackstatus .  This page is updated as tracks are reopened.  There is still further work to be undertaken before other tracks are reopened.  The damage and rockfall risk is so high on Council and Department of Conservation land in some areas that some tracks may not open in the foreseeable future. 

Community centre: We are currently using the old school hall at Sumner school but the board of trustees apparently want to pull it down by the end of 2012. It is hoped we can persuade them to hold off, but if not we will once again be in desperate need to a temporary community hall of some kind. What action if any is the council taking to ensure we have a meeting place?

We are acutely conscious of the shortage of community facilities across the city as a result of the earthquake events. We are working towards identifying suitable temporary solutions, including Sumner, but as you will appreciate the cost involved is significant. Nevertheless we are continuing to pursue a solution and will beback in contact with the community in the New Year.  

Community Centre site : this has been cleared for weeks and is now just a large unsightly sandpit smack in the middle of our commercial area.  We realise it will probably be years before we get a new community centre, but in the interim the least we deserve is a pleasant space we can all use. The Sumner business community would like to hold regular markets there and the Sumner Greening the Rubble group is keen to beautify it. Why can’t the council fill in the hole and let us get on with this?

We are conscious that the site in question is not attractive in its present condition and are currently exploring ways in which it can be improved and made available in the interim for use by the wider community.

Sumner Library

We have been given no indication if or when our badly damaged library will reopen. The library performed an important social and educational  function for residents of all ages. We now rely on a three hour a week visit from the mobile library which is not satisfactory at all because of its very limited stock and lack of services. During term time school children are unable to use the mobile service because it only visits on Fridays between 9 and midday. The round trip  to other libraries ranges from 20 to 30 kms over badly quake-damaged roads. These other libraries are not readily accessible for those who cannot drive and they are not on the Sumner bus route. I am aware of commercial premises that might be available in the heart of Sumner village, an excellent central location for the many elderly people who cannot easily get to libraries in other suburbs. I would ask that the council consider setting up a temporary library in rented premises (as it did when the old library was refurbished when it became a council-owned facility).

The Sumner library engineering report is still with the insurance assessor. There is no indication that this issue will be resolved before Christmas.  Once the insurance issues are resolved the rebuild or repair of the library will be addressed through the Facilities Rebuild Process which is currently with Council for sign off.    The Library is currently investigating options for opening a temporary facility in Sumner.  We have no further information on when or where that might be as yet.

Michael Aitken, General Manager, Community Services, 941 8534

Update 21 Oct 2011

Contractors working on a range of tasks, from temporary emergency repairs to investigation and permanent rebuild projects.

View details for these recently distributed work notices at– www.strongerchristchurch.govt.nz

Suburb Where Work type Expected completion date* Delivery Team
Sumner Wiggins and Head Street, Herberden Avenue Wastewater 11 November Fulton Hogan 0800 277 34 34

Update 17 Oct 2011

As you may be aware, Level 3 water restrictions are now in place for Christchurch and Lyttelton Harbour communities until further notice.

The restrictions are necessary because the City’s water infrastructure (wells, reservoirs, pump stations and pipe network) were badly damaged after the February 22 earthquake. Whilst significant effort has gone into repairing the infrastructure, it is not yet in a condition where it can support normal peak summer demands caused by irrigation.

The restrictions have been designed to reduce demand to a level that the infrastructure can handle and to ensure firefighting pressures are maintained throughout the City.

If water consumption is not maintained below the trigger level of 8200 m3/hour averaged over a 24 hour day, then a total outdoor watering ban may have to be introduced.

As key members of our community we ask that you please follow the restrictions outlined below.

  • Unattended hoses, sprinklers and garden irrigation systems are not permitted at any time.  
  • No outdoor water use on Mondays. 
  • Even numbered properties (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8) - hand-held (e.g. hand-held hoses, watering cans) watering only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  
  • Odd numbered properties (e.g. 3, 5, 7, 9) - hand-held (e.g. hand-held hoses, watering cans) watering only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. 
  • Car washing is permitted on your allocated day (as above).

Please note that filling watering cans on your allocated day and using this water on your non-allocated day is not permitted. This is to make sure everyone follows the rules listed above.

If everyone makes an effort to reduce their water consumption now, we will be better positioned to avoid total outdoor watering bans this summer.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Mark Christison

Manager, City Water and Waste
Christchurch City Council


Update 27 Sep 2011

Community drop-in sessions for Ferry Road master plan.  Christchurch City Council will launch focus group and community drop-in sessions as part of their Suburban Centres Programme for the Ferry Road / Main Road corridor next week.

In June 2011 the Council approved a programme to support the recovery and rebuild of up to 60 earthquake-affected suburban shopping centres through assisting with planning, design and transport initiatives.

A master plan will be developed for the Ferry Road / Main Road corridor with input from community leaders, building and business owners, central and regional government agencies, other stakeholders and interest groups and local residents.

Programme Manager, Healthy Environment Jenny Ridgen says the Ferry Road / Main Road corridor project presents some unique challenges for the master planning process.

“It covers a large and spread out area. Along its length are several commercial centres that support local communities. Each commercial centre has varying degrees of earthquake related damage with different needs and historic planning issues.

“We need to be able to tie this information together to form a cohesive plan. This means looking at studies, policies and consultation that has already taken place as well as seeking out new information from local residents, building and business owners, community leaders and other key stakeholders.

“Initially we will be focussing on the area between the city (Fitzgerald Avenue) and the Ferrymead Bridge. This is to make the process more manageable. The other portion of  Ferry Road / Main Road will be addressed at a later date, “ she says.

Mayor Bob Parker says Ferry Road / Main Road corridor is a vital arterial that connects the city to the sea, with an important strategic transportation role for the whole city.  

“Ferry Road / Main Road corridor is important to all of us; as a link to the suburbs of Redcliffs and Sumner, as our local shopping area or as a transportation route to the Port. Its recovery and viability is closely connected to the long-term prosperity of this city.

“We need to get right behind this master plan, and I would therefore encourage people to get involved – all ideas are welcomed,” he says.

Main Road / Ferry Road Community drop-in sessions:

Thursday 6 October 4pm to 8pm and

Friday 7 October 12 noon to 3pm

St Johns Church Hall, Corner Ferry Road & St Johns Street Woolston

The Suburban Centres Programme features two streams of work; one stream is the development of ‘master plans’ for some of the worst affected suburban centres, and the other stream is the ‘case management’ service being provided to property owners within affected suburban hubs that may require assistance with planning their rebuild.

The support Council is able to give to each centre will depend on the nature and scale of the issues and the available resources. It is not ‘one-size-fits-all’.

The master planning process is a collaborative effort involving the Council, Community Boards, local residents and stakeholders for each centre. Stakeholders include business operators, building and land owners, central and regional government agencies, residents, community groups and any other organisations that have a stake in the local community for each centre.

For further information on the project contact: suburbancentres@ccc.govt.nz .

Or visit: www.ccc.govt.nz/suburbancentres

For more information contact:

Sarah Kelly, Communications Service Manager

Mobile027 229 4148

Email:   sarah.kelly@ccc.govt.nz

Update 15 Sep 2011

The Christchurch City Council are doing an emergency repair on the wastewater main at 224 Main Road, starting from Thursday 15 September for approximately three weeks.

The work will take place between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, and possibly Saturday mornings. On rare occasions they may have to work on a Sunday or a public holiday to complete this essential work. The work may result in minor dust and noise. Traffic management will be deployed along Main Road between Bay View Road and Moncks Bay Lane. Please follow the traffic management signage on site. Note that vehicle access to your property may be limited for short periods of time. If you have specific requirements or concerns that need to considering, please let us know on the below number.
All works are subject to favourable weather and on-site construction conditions.

If you have any questions about this work please contact us on 0800 632 889 (7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday). 

Update 9 September

Repairing your earthquake damaged home. Sewage update (all Sumner sewers now working).

Guides for Homeowners - The Christchurch City Council together with Beacon Pathway, Certified Builders, Community Energy Action and the Christchurch Agency for Energy, have developed guides for homeowners. These guides provide independent advice to home owners about potential options and things to consider when undertaking home renovations and when designing and building a new home.  The Council is printing 10,000 hard copies of each of these guides and will make them available through its service centres and libraries from next week.

These guides are also available on the City Council's website: http://www.ccc.govt.nz/homeliving/buildingplanning/designguides/index.aspx

Toilets - all sewer systems are up and running bar a couple of small areas.  Click here to read the flyer explaining this.  The issue of fixing pipes from your house to the road is still not clear and we are waiting for a response on this. Please note that if there are any reasons why you cannot flush CALL -  941 8999. 

Update 14 June


Liquefaction has occurred throughout the city, mainly in the eastern suburbs.
Several sink holes have appeared. Please drive carefully.

Rock falls

Several rock falls have occurred mainly in eastern hills of Sumner, Taylors Mistake, Redcliffs, Morgan Valley.


90% of people on the flat have water back on. Hills suburbs have low water pressure. Teams worked overnight to repair water pipes across the city.
There is no water east of Ferrymead bridge and repairs are expected to take several days.
There are drinking water tankers in two locations in the Sumner area and 7 more will be operational this morning..
There is a City wide boil water notice in place.


The Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant is operational. There is limited additional damage to wastewater pipes in the eastern suburbs.
Repair teams are working to fix two additional wastewater pump stations in the eastern suburbs.
We ask anyone who has a chemical toilet to please use it and if you have a port-a-loo close to you please use it also.


The following roads are closed:

  • Clifton Rd Main Rd - Tuawera
  • Wakefield St Wiggins - Dryden
  • New Brighton Road Avondale - East direction along river
  • Taylors Mistake Road All
  • Evans Pass Road At Sumnervale (upper) - Lyttelton
  • Cunningham Terrace All
  • Ticehurst road All
  • Ross Terrace All
  • Heberden Ave
  • Oceanview Tce

In addition there are a number of roads that are affected by liquefaction, flooding, damaged retaining walls and rockfall.  The public are reminded to drive to the conditions.
Contractors have begun to clear roads and this is expected to continue
for a number of days.


The following bridges are closed:

  1. Gayhurst Rd
  2. Old Waimakariri Bridge

All other bridges are open. Bridge St, South Brighton is open to light traffic only.


All Schools and early childhood centres closed today.

General messaging

Look after your friends neighbours and family.
Please minimise travel where possible to help emergency vehicle and
repair teams move around the city.
If you are out please be careful of road damage.