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26 May 2014

26 May - Main Road Scott Park to McCormacks Bay, St Andrews Hill retaining wall, Seamount Terrace retaining wall and Ferry Road and Humphreys Drive temporary shoulder sealing


The Stronger Christchurch Rebuild Team (SCIRT) website www.strongerchristchurch.govt.nz is a good way of keeping up to date with works in your area, and across the city. You can also email us at info@SCIRT.co.nz, or call us on (03) 941 8999.

26 May Update

Main Road, Scott Park to McCormacks BayA common question SCIRT gets asked is: “Why is the new road on the seawall along Main Road between the Ferrymead Bridge and the causeway bumpy?”The answer is, this is just temporary. When SCIRT built the new temporary road on the seawall they had to align it with surface of the current earthquake damaged road for drainage. Works will now start on the new kerbs and footpaths over winter with the new final road construction beginning in spring. Traffic is expected to be shifted onto the permanent smooth road in December. For more on this project please visit: www.strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/work/activity/4746 St Andrews Hill retaining wallOn Monday 19 May 2014 SCIRT started work at the bottom of St Andrews Hill Road to repair two sections of an earthquake damaged retaining wall. The work is expected to take five months to complete and St Andrews Hill Road will remain two-way for most of this project. Residents and travellers in the area will notice a change to the vegetation with trees and vegetation in close proximity to the retaining wall being removed to establish the worksite. For more on this project please visit: www.strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/work/activity/4837 Seamount Terrace retaining wallSCIRT work to repair an earthquake damaged retaining wall on Seamount Terrace started in late April. Work is progressing well despite the weather. The existing wall is currently being removed to prepare the ground for the new wall. Piling of the new wall is due to start in the week beginning May 26 2014 with the new wall build scheduled to get underway mid-June. Seamount Terrace is closed between Rangatira Terrace and number 11 Seamount Terrace, though the road may need to be temporarily closed at times for essential work to be completed. For more on this project please visit: www.strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/work/activity/4734 Ferry Road and Humphreys Drive temporary shoulder sealingSCIRT is temporarily sealing road shoulders on Humphreys Drive and Ferry Road (between the Tunnel Road roundabout and Humphreys Drive). Ferry Road and Humphreys Drive are scheduled for a full road reconstruction later in the year. SCIRT can’t start a permanent road reconstruction at this time of the year due to weather conditions so a temporary seal is required. For more on this project, please email: scirt@citycare.co.nz

8 March 

Work on the seawall, one part of the Main Road three laning project, is going really well. The majority of the rock has now been placed and we are bulk filling behind the rock.

  • We expect to have the traffic lanes operational on the seawall side of the road by the start of May. This will allow us to start the associated drainage works along the hillside of Main Road, we will update residents before this stage of the work begins.
  • Two sets of the tidal stairs have also been poured, stone masons will start on the stairs over the coming weeks.

For further information on this project visit - http://strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/work/activity/4457

18 December

The seawall and Coastal Pathway will be built around the  existing macrocarpa tree opposite the Mt Pleasant Road intersection along Main Road.

The lower branches of the tree need to be trimmed so they do not interfere with traffc and pedestrians on the road and the new pathway. This has approval from Christchurch City Council arborists. The tree will be trimmed early next year.

5 December 

McCormacks Bay Road, Rock pile removal & Main Road - Rocks from the rock pile on McCormacks Bay Reserve will be sorted and large rocks removed for use on the Main Road seawall. The large rocks are expected to be removed before Christmas. Remaining material will be removed next year. There will be increased noise and vibrations from the sorting of the rocks. There will also be increased truck movements on McCormacks Bay Road and Main Road as the rocks are transported. The material will be screened to separate the rocks from the soil. This will be done with a large screener in the fenced off area in McCormacks Bay Reserve. Rocks over 80mm will be taken away with trucks to Scott Park to be used in the seawall along Main Road.

Main Road, Scott Park to McCormacks Bay, seawall - Work on the seawall, one part of the Main Road three laning project, is progressing well. The crew aim to have the bulk of the rock work done by the end of January 2014. Christmas break: From Friday 20 December through until 6 January 2014 the crew will be taking a break for the festive season. If there are any problems on sites over this period please call the Christchurch City Council on 941 8999.

Scirt hopes you have a safe and happy festive season. Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we have been working on the roads in your area over the past year.

23 November

Fletcher Construction will be the delivery team (as part of the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) that will undertake the construction work along Galilee Lane.

The work to reconstruct and reinstate the earthquake damage infrastructure along Galilee Lane is scheduled to commence by early December 2013. Due to the nature of the work the overall project is expected to take eight months to complete, subject to weather and on-site conditions.

The work will be carried out over four stages. Major work will be carried out by stabilizing the rock face on Galilee Lane by constructing two types of retaining walls. Reinstatement of the earthquake damaged access way, will also be underway.

23 October

We will be replacing the gravity wastewater main and public wastewater laterals along Settlers Crescent and Tussock Lane. An underground wastewater lift station will also be constructed in the berm on the corner of Settlers Crescent, near number 4 Settlers Crescent.

There are several stages of this work. The first stage commences Tuesday 29 October 2013 at the western intersection of Settlers Crescent and Ferry Road and will take approximately two weeks. Stage two will then follow and will take approximately four weeks. The work will involve different traffic management set ups. We will inform you of these changes as we progress through. Stormwater repairs (near Tussock Lane), road stabilisation and kerb and channel repairs will follow after the wastewater repairs in early 2014. We will update you before this work starts.

For detailed information visit http://strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/work/activity/3754 .

22 October

Fulton Hogan will set up a site office and storage area in a section of Scott Park for the Main Road three laning project. Late October 2013 to mid-2015.

Traffic impact: The northeast driveway to Scott Park will be closed and less parking will available. Access to Scott Park will be available via the existing western driveway. Fulton Hogan will also build a temporary driveway through the old petanque grounds to allow access into the park.

15 October

We will be using CCTV cameras to investigate the condition of the wastewater main along Ferry Road (between Settlers Crescent and Maronan Street).

This work will commence Monday 14 October 2013 and will take approximately one week.

We will be working from 7.00pm to 7.00am when wastewater and traffic flows are low. For queries during this time please contact our contractor, Interflow: Christopher Rutherford, tel 021 503095. The work will generate some noise, similar to the noise of a vehicle engine. The repair of the wastewater main along Ferry Road will commence in late October, once this stage is complete. We will update you prior to this work commencing.

10 October

 Over the next eighteen months SCIRT delivery team Fulton Hogan will be working to replace the earthquake damaged culverts and wastewater pipes, construct a new seawall, reconstruct the road, build the new coastal pathway and undertake intersection improvements.
The community will be informed about this important SCIRT project by using the following communication tools:

• The attached works notice will be delivered to the surrounding area this week.• Main Road residents have been door knocked and work notice delivered face to face.• The work notice has been emailed out to interested stakeholders.• Poster and flyers will be delivered to the Redcliffs Information Centre, library, and shops and offices around Sumner, Redcliffs and Mt Pleasant over the next few days.• SCIRT advertisements will be in the local media.• At the causeway open doors event last Sunday Fulton Hogan provided the work notice and explained the work to many locals face to face.• Information signs will be installed.• As always information is available on the SCIRT website and through the e- newsletter, as well as via Fulton Hogan’s free phone 0800 2773434 or emailing rebuildinfo@fultonhogan.com .• VMS (variable message signage) will be installed to notify commuting traffic.• If your community group or street would like a briefing about the project please get in touch with us.

 An article about this project is available on the SCIRT website here http://strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/article/sumners-next-big-link-ferrymead-bridge-to-the-causeway and online version of the work notice is available here http://strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/work/activity/3699 .
Fulton Hogan would also like to thank everyone who came out to see the causeway project on Sunday at our open doors event. It was great to see so many people excited about the causeway reopening and enjoying the sun (quite the contrast to the weather we’ve been experiencing this week). If you missed it there is an article and photos from the open doors event here http://strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/article/hot-spring-sunday-attracts-hundreds-of-people-to-causeway .
If you have any queries about this work, please do not hesitate to contact us by phoning 0800 277 34 34 or emailing rebuildinfo@fultonhogan.com .

27 September

Works Notice Progress Update: Main Road causeway, Mt Pleasant: Replacement of damaged culverts, construction of a new seawall and road repair.

Progress made so far on the Main Road causeway works: The countdown is on! 34 days to go. We’re running on schedule for completion and opening of the road on the 1 November 2013.

• The western and eastern culverts have been replaced.

• The seawall restoration works are now 80% complete.

• The existing main culvert has been demolished and a new bridge sits in its place.

• Kerb and channel replacement has started, along with the footpath replacement.

• Pavement reconstruction has started, with completion scheduled for mid-October.

• The section of the coastal pathway along the causeway is 20% complete.

Don’t miss your chance to see the causeway up close while it is still under construction! Fulton Hogan would like to invite the local community to an open day of the causeway work site: You can’t see all of the progress from McCormacks Bay Road so come and have a closer look at the causeway’s seawalls and the culvert bridge structure while they are still under construction.

Date: Sunday 6 October 2013

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Please park near the sports ground on McCormacks Bay Road and walk to the site entrance on the Sumner side - you will be escorted onto the site. Sensible shoes should be worn.

19 September

Work will continue to install the new wastewater pipe from Heberden Avenue to Seaspray Lane. Planning requirements have now been met to install the second stage of this pipeline that began in mid 2012.

Where: A new connection will be made at the manhole over the intersection of Heberden Avenue and Wiggins Street, followed by the pipeline installation between Heberden Avenue and Seaspray Lane.

The southbound traffic lane of Heberden Avenue between Colenso Street and Nayland Street will be closed. The westbound lane of Wiggins Street will also be closed.

When: Monday 23 September for approximately one month. All works are subject to favourable weather and on-site construction conditions.

11 September 

Downer will start work on Beachville Road– Between Main Road and Celia Street. To undertake this work we will need to close this section of the road the week beginning Monday 16 September 2013.  We will be working Monday to Saturday between 7.00am and 6.00pm. On rare occasions we may have to work Sundays to complete essential work. We will be excavating a trench across the full width of the road to receive stormwater. Upon completion of the pipe work the trench will be backfilled and the road reinstated.

While this section of Beachville Road is closed you will need to access this area via Celia Street or where Beachville meets Main Road at the Eastern Side.

The main purpose of the site office is to provide for the health and wellbeing of the workers. The site office will be used as a place to have lunch, morning and afternoon tea, meetings and store paper work. It also provides the site engineers with a space to work in that is close to their work sites.

30 August 2013 Update

Downer will be repairing and renewing the earthquake damaged gravity wastewater, stormwater and roads on Celia St and Beachville Rd. Work starts on the 2nd September 2013. They will be installing a new pump station at the corner of the two streets. They will also be repairing the damaged seawall on Beachville Rd with a rip-rap rock revetment for sea protection. They will be allowing room for the Coastal Pathway.

The overall project is expected to take 18 months to complete, subject to weather and onsite conditions. They may work in more than one area at a time to complete the work as soon as possible. They will provide further updates on timings when the information becomes available.          

 For more information on this project go to - http://strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/sites/strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/files/20130830-beachville-catchment-work-start-notice.pdf

28 August 2013 Update

Earthquake repairs to the Clifton 2 Reservoir - Panorama Road, Tuawera Terrace, Clifton, Reservoir repairs. Access to the reservoir is from Panorama Road. Work will begin from Monday 2 September 2013 and is expected to be completed in October. There will be increased traffic movements on Panorama Road by the entrance to the reservoir.

How our work could impact you, general impact:

There will be increased noise, dust and vibration levels associated with this work, and the use of trucks and other machinery will be necessary.

There will be increased traffic movements on Panorama Road by the entrance to the reservoir.

Works will take place between 7.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, with Saturday work if required.

Works will have no planned impact on current power, telecommunication, wastewater, water or gas services. However, the network is still fragile so please be prepared in case there is an unexpected service cut off.

Safety is our number one priority. Safety is your responsibility too. Stay clear and stay alert - keep children and pets at a safe distance from the work site.

All works are subject to favourable weather and on-site construction conditions.

1 July 2013 Update

Keeping McCormacks Bay Road in reasonable condition is a challenge given the recent bad weather and the adjoining soft marshy land around the Avon-Heathcote estuary/ Ihutai. Road repair work has to happen in dry weather, so extended days of rain will extend the damage also. Overnight work to repair the shoulder of the road was scheduled for the end of June.
Drivers have a part to play in ensuring the road does not become quickly potholed — ie by slowing down, particularly in wet weather and driving to the conditions ie very slowly if you can't see how deep a pothole is.
What you can't see from McCormacks Bay Road
SCIRT's Fulton Hogan team is making good progress on the causeway repairs and rebuild of the seawall. The latest works notice has photos of things you can't see from the inland detour route.

28 June 2013 Update

This Sunday night, (30 June) Sumner, Mount Pleasant and Redcliffs people and road users should be aware that work will be happening overnight on McCormacks Bay Rd. Please take care if you are passing by.

On Sunday 30 June, 2013, overnight from 7.00pm to 6.00am the team will be carrying out improvements to the surface of the road shoulder along McCormacks Bay Road. This work was planned for a fortnight ago but was postponed due to rain. There will be increased noise, flashing lights, and construction traffic on McCormacks Bay Road.  Click here to read more

15 Apr 2013 Update

Road Closure, Main Road causeway, Mt Pleasant - Monday 29 April 2013 for approximately six months. To allow for major reconstruction of the road and seawalls.

Replacement of the earthquake damaged culverts, construction of a new seawall on the estuary side of the causeway and reconstruction of the road.

3 Dec 2012 Update

Galilee Lane geotechnical investigations work to commence Monday 3 December 2012 and continue for approximately two weeks.

20 Nov 2012 Update

Main Rd Redcliffs - Water Mains Repairs from Tuesday 20 November until mid January 2013.

24 Oct 2012 Update

Clifton Terrace and Panorama Road, Clifton, geotechnical investigations from Thursday 25 October 2012 and continue for approximately five weeks.

12 Oct 2012 Update

McCormacks Bay Road will be closed around Maffeys Road intersection from this week to early February, 2013. The retaining wall is being rebuilt.

7 Sep 2012 Update

  • Beachville Road, Redcliffs, eastern seawall repair due to start.
  • Christchurch's roadmap for infrastructure rebuild schedule to 2016.

Christchurch's roadmap for infrastructure rebuild

: schedule to 2016
The schedule for the rebuild of Christchurch's earthquake-damaged roads and underground services was released today by the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Gerry Brownlee and Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker.
The plan includes a map setting out indicative timeframes for infrastructure repairs in different areas of the city. The work has been prioritised based on a range of factors, with the aim being to first fix the worst-affected areas that impact on the most people.
"This work is one piece of a much bigger and complex city-wide recovery programme," says Minister Brownlee. "But it is highly significant as underground services need to be rebuilt and future-proofed so that the city's recovery is founded on a secure infrastructure base.
"It will take another four years to rebuild Christchurch's horizontal infrastructure and deciding what comes first is not easy. We've used a robust model to prioritise the work and that's what we're launching today. Of course, things might change as work progresses, but residents can now have a good idea of when we'll be working in their neighbourhood."
Mayor Parker says the works schedule underpins confidence in the city's recovery and reinvestment in the South Island's largest city.
"People will begin to see a more resilient and forward-looking city emerging from the legacy of the earthquakes," he says. "The schedule we are launching today gives certainty for the future; but we have already made good progress on the rebuild and work has been ongoing for more than a year now.
Read our full background story or go direct to the map, video and package of information , also available through the Road to Recovery link, top right on the SCIRT web front page.

Beachville Rd

Community Information – Beachville Road, Redcliffs, eastern seawall repair

The Beachville Road eastern seawall suffered significant damage in the earthquakes. The eastern seawall, and other infrastructure in the area, is currently being designed by SCIRT in preparation for the rebuild.

The area around Beachville Road and Celia Street suffered lateral spreading and liquefaction during the earthquakes, and there has been land settlement near the eastern seawall. SCIRT is currently designing the wastewater, stormwater, roading, and eastern seawall solutions for this area. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2013, depending on weather and construction conditions.

With regards to the design of the eastern seawall, there are many factors that need to be considered. The project focuses on the replacement of the eastern seawall, the purpose of which is to protect the land from coastal erosion. Whilst the design of the eastern seawall is driven by technical factors, it will integrate with the existing environment. As we are very early in the design process we do not yet have specific details on the form, height or materials of the wall. Before we start any works in your area we will notify you by using a Works Notice in your letterbox.

16 May 2012 Update

A new wastewater pipe from Seaspray Lane down to Heberden Avenue to the intersection of Wiggins Street and Head Street is being installed, starting Monday 21 May for approximately eight weeks. Go to http://strongerchristchurch.live.egressive.com/work/wastewateror

27 Apr 2012 Update

Possible impact to transport due to works on the Esplanade sewer pressure mai. Go to  http://strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/work/activity/1183

16 Apr 2012 Update

ground investigations, Main Road, McCormacks Bay. Go to http://strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/work/activity/1083

16 Mar 2012 Update

  1. SCIRT in Lyttelton – what's the story with retaining walls?
  2. Keeping fresh water flowing
  3. Dallington is a hive of construction activity
  4. How to keep in touch

7 Mar 2012 Update

Update 10 Feb - from Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT)

We are replacing the wastewater pressure main along the Esplanade from Clifton Bay to Scarborough Park. Stage 1 will start in the week of Monday 13 February 2012, and will take approximately four weeks.