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Container Art Feedback

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What are your thoughts on placing art on the containers around Sumner? 

container art

Hagley Ferrymead Community Board

What meetings are coming up?

Ideas given for Sumner

We are looking for your ideas on the future look and feel of the Sumner village and suburb. Please give us a couple of minutes of your time to tell us what you want for the future Sumner.

Rebuild of the Sumner Village / To​wnship

What would you like to see in the Rebuild of the Sumner Village/To​wnship? - Please submit your ideas for everything​ from Buildings design & use, Traffic / Walking / Cycling, Esplanade & Surroundin​g area. We'll forward on to the Urban Design Team for everyone that can't make the community meetings and wishes to have some input.

What is your vision for Sumner's future?

In an ideal world, how would you describe life living in Sumner?