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Switching Electricity Suppliers

15 July 2011

to Save Money

Advice is at:
• the Electricity Authority’s “What’s My Number” site gives consumers information about how to switch electricity suppliers, the ease of switching; and the potential savings that can be made from switching. The average annual saving for households switching to the cheapest retail option in their area was estimated to be $150 last year – nationally that’s savings of $240 million The Authority says that by 21 June 2011 the site had made 180,698 calculations, identifying potential savings of $29,926,315.
• the Switchme website, which calculates the amount of savings that can be made by switching to a cheaper power company. You can also do the comparison over the phone using Switchme’s free phone number. Switchme has
switched almost 7000 people throughout NZ since late 2009. Switchme receives a small commission from some of the NZ energy retailers when a consumer switches.
The EA’s “What’s my Number” site is at www.whatsmynumber.org.nz. The Switchme site is at www.switchme.co.nz, and the Switchme freephone is 0800 179 482.