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Here in Sumner we hear a lot of rumours. Some of them are patently untrue - like that one about Roger Sutton auditioning for a part in Kill Bill 3 - but some are believable. Until now we've tried not to publish anything unless we were sure that it was true. This aim of this section is to try and sort out if there is any truth in what we hear in the supermarket queue and outside the classrooms just before the bell rings. 

We must emphasise that nothing in this section is true, although it might be. We'll let you cast a vote on whether you think each rumour is true. More votes doesn't necessarily mean it is - just that more people think it is. We also invite those who have actual knowledge to either confirm or deny each rumour. This can be on or off the record - we understand that some in public office may not be free to comment publicly. 

Here are the rules:

  1. To submit a rumour use our contact form . Usually we will need to hear it from a couple of sources before we publish, and final say lies with us on what goes up.
  2. You don't need to be registered to vote, so vote rigging is entirely possible. You cannot vote multiple times in the same session though.  
  3. If you have real information you can send us an email, ring, buttonhole us in the street, etc. We will respect requests for anonymity, although that may crumble if we come under legal pressure. 

The Sumner/Lyttelton road will never reopen

After the 22 February earthquake we were told that the road to Lyttelton would be open again by 'the end of June'. Recently workers at Evans Pass were saying 'at least another six months' until the road would be cleared. Over the last few days we've heard that the road will either be permanently closed, or will only ever be open again for light traffic. 

What's the truth? If you know, tell us !

19 April 2013 - Nearly two years ago we asked what you thought would happen. Most of you said the road wouldn't reopen.

You were wrong!

Christchurch City Council have contacted us with the following statement:

The issue has been raised on the Sumner Community Group website, about
concerns over the possible abandonment of any reparation work and
re-opening of Sumner Road in the future. 
In response to these concerns, Paul Burden, Manager Road Corridor
Operations says that there is no truth in the story. Christchurch City
Council has scheduled the Sumner Road for repair work. There is $105
million in the Three Year Plan for fixing the 'lifeline' route through
Sumner to Lyttelton. Of this, around $30 million will go towards the
repair of Sumner Road (see page 320 of Volume One of the Three Year
Plan: Infrastructure Rebuild - Provision of Roads and Footpaths, ID
2441). At this stage we can't commit to an actual opening date because
this is a major project that will take at least 18 months to complete.

TVNZ is currently working on an earthquake sitcom

We heard this from our sleeper operative at Television New Zealand. The pilot episode is at the casting stage. Working title 'Two guys in a Yaris'.

The houses on Richmond Hill are going to be bulldozed over the cliff

We heard this one a while ago. The houses on the East side of Richmond Hill Road - the Red Zoned ones over the RSA, Croquet Club and the church - are on very unstable land, there are big cracks in the ground near the cliff edge. The is, or has been a proposal to clear the entire side of the street by pushing the whole lot over the edge. What do you think, will Cera and the CCC do this? Could we sell tickets?