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The Sumner/Lyttelton road will never reopen

After the 22 February earthquake we were told that the road to Lyttelton would be open again by 'the end of June'. Recently workers at Evans Pass were saying 'at least another six months' until the road would be cleared. Over the last few days we've heard that the road will either be permanently closed, or will only ever be open again for light traffic. 

What's the truth? If you know, tell us !

19 April 2013 - Nearly two years ago we asked what you thought would happen. Most of you said the road wouldn't reopen.

You were wrong!

Christchurch City Council have contacted us with the following statement:

The issue has been raised on the Sumner Community Group website, about
concerns over the possible abandonment of any reparation work and
re-opening of Sumner Road in the future. 
In response to these concerns, Paul Burden, Manager Road Corridor
Operations says that there is no truth in the story. Christchurch City
Council has scheduled the Sumner Road for repair work. There is $105
million in the Three Year Plan for fixing the 'lifeline' route through
Sumner to Lyttelton. Of this, around $30 million will go towards the
repair of Sumner Road (see page 320 of Volume One of the Three Year
Plan: Infrastructure Rebuild - Provision of Roads and Footpaths, ID
2441). At this stage we can't commit to an actual opening date because
this is a major project that will take at least 18 months to complete.

Not much point in voting now, but knock yourself out if you feel like it.: