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Sumner is a suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand, which was badly affected by the magnitude 6.3 (ML) earthquake which destroyed a large part of the Christchurch central business district and which killed 181 people on 22 February 2011. 

This website originally flew under the banner of the  Sumner Community Group . In November 2011 much of the Sumner Community Group merged with the Sumner Residents Association, leaving the Sumner newsletter and this website operating as independent entities. If you'd like to write for us we are always interested , particularly in original news or comment on local issues.

Although the February quake was of lesser magnitude than the 7.4 magnitude earthquake which struck Canterbury on 4 September 2010 its effects were focused on the Christchurch CBD and the eastern suburbs, including Sumner , Redcliffs and Mount Pleasant - areas which had escaped significant damage in the first quake. Many houses and public buildings in Sumner were destroyed.

For the first few weeks after the February earthquake there were few signs of an official reaction to the disaster on the ground, although the skies were frequently filled with helicopters flying at low altitudes over the affected areas. Realising that the authorities were occupied with the destruction of the Christchurch CBD, the residents of Sumner commandeered the 'old' school hall at Sumner Primary school - which was scheduled to be demolished, but which survived the quake without damage - and set up a community information and disaster coordination centre. The Sumner Community Hub provided information, distributed supplies and ran volunteer classes for local children for nearly a month.

On 15 March 2011 a public meeting was held, inviting members of the community to join special interest sub-groups to get involved in rebuilding Sumner.  Various sub groups were formed as on the umbrella diagram.  A loose coalition of local people who believe that their community can overcome the destruction of February 2011, better, stronger, and more sustainable than before.


Graphic showing how the Sumner Community Group was envisaged in early 2011. 

This website, and its siblings, the Sumner Community notice board, and the Sumner Community newsletter, are a logical extension of the original Hub - a grass-roots, non-profit initiative aimed at helping a damaged community pull itself back up using local resources and skills.

The Sumner Community website is a free information resource for Sumner residents. If you would like your organisation or business listed here you will need to register. Once registered you will be able to create a personal listing in the contacts directory and a listing in the organisations director.

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