CERA Community Representatives

The community forum has been established by Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) Minister Gerry Brownlee to provide him with information and advice on earthquake recovery matters.  It consists of 38 members (3 from Sumner) from a wide cross-section of the Canterbury community representing business and ethnic interests, as well as residents associations and groups.

Under the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act, the forum must consist of at least 20 members and meet at least six times a year.  Mr Brownlee also holds regular briefings with local elected representatives, including community board members, councillors and district health board members, in Canterbury to discuss progress on recovery.

CERA Community Notices

5 Key areas of interest

3 Sumner representatives

  1. Sally Ansley 326 6561
  2. Wendy Gilchrist 0274 346 937
  3. Darren Wright 021 511 325

Meeting updates

7 July 2011 Forum meeting update 

The first meeting was well attended by a very diverse and passionate group of Christchurch folk who are all very keen to have an involvement in the rebuilding of our city.  The main focus of the inaugural meeting was to set out the process that will be followed in future meetings and to allow each member to state why they were at the meeting and how they would like to see things develop.   Sumner was extremely well represented with myself, Sally Aynsley and Wendy Gilchrist all being in attendance as well as Jane Bryden for the Minister who is also a Sumner resident.  Both Jerry Brownlee and Roger Sutton spoke and outlined how they see the process developing.  The Minister was extremely positive about the Forum and expressed his desire to see the Forum and its members involved in both the planning and process of the cities rebuild.  Several references were made by both the Minister and Roger as to their desire to promote direct communication from individual members of the community, through the Forum to themselves.  

It was decided that future meetings would consist of briefings from key players in the rebuild such as GNS Science and the Ministry of Education, followed by a very brief session where members can bring issues to the group for discussion.  Groups will then break off to discuss key items on the Agenda.  Each member of the Forum was asked to indicate their area of interest which was broadly broken down into:

  1. Community Wellbeing
  2. Culture & Heritage
  3. Built Environment
  4. Economy
  5. Natural Environment

Each of these subgroups will meet on a regular basis with the relevant management unit within CERA so as to ensure that the Forum understands and is involved in the issues at hand.

Key points worth knowing:

  • Card spending (EFTPOS and Credit) rates in Chch have returned to pre-earthquake levels and on some days have exceeded previous years,
  • Exports from Chch have returned to pre-earthquake levels and the total amount of exports have been the same over the past six months as in the same period last year,
  • Earthquake spending is expected to reach $20b in the coming years and this will have a very significant impact on the region.  This will create a large number of jobs resulting in a growing population (I know it doesn’t seem that way at present!).  The challenge with this $20b is to invest it across the economy so that the rebuild creates a city that can sustain the increased numbers.

Membership of this Forum is not a paid role.

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