8 May 2013

8 May - Offering planned earthquake advocacy and advisory services

Updates by InsuranceWatch

8 May 2013 Update

InsuranceWatch welcomes the planned earthquake advocacy and advisory services. See our release about them which is linked from here:
We strongly recommend that you take a look at at the story links at the bottom of the press release - they reference two recent excellent Press stories by Olivia Carville. Her stories show very clearly why an advocacy service is needed, and why the insurance issues in Christchurch require continued attention and pressure.
If you'd like to help, please spread those links to your friends and familiar, particularly those elsewhere in New Zealand or Australia. We need to make sure the insurers and our politicians know they are being watched and held to account!
Here are short forms of the URLs to make it easier to paste them into emails:
* Worry, despair plague Christchurch residents 02/04/13:
* Health risks lurk in post-quake homes 27/04/13:
Finally, if you'd like to sign an online petition urging Minister Brownlee to improve EQC claims management process, you can find it here:
InsuranceWatch will soon be running another follow-up survey to try and assess recent rates of progress. If you participated in any previous IW survey, it'll be really important to let us know your current situation, good or bad. We'll keep the survey short and to the point,
All the very best!
The InsuranceWatch team

3 April 2013 Update

BNZ now providing home loans and insurance for newly built TC3 homes

Bank of New Zealand is pleased to announce it can now provide a full package of home loans and arrange insurance for newly built homes in all Christchurch locations, except the red zone. This includes newly built TC3 homes.
BNZ Head of Retail Southern Region, Chris Gourley says, “This is the first time we’ve been able to offer an insurance package for a TC3 property. For Cantabrians building new homes, with the help of IAG, we can now support them with the insurance and banking solutions they need right now.
“We know that the process of rebuilding is ongoing and there are many frustrations along the way. That’s why we’re pleased to be able to help make rebuilding simpler for our customers and to assist with the Christchurch recovery,” he says.
“We’re working hard to resolve significant roadblocks for our customers as they rebuild their lives. And we are committed to continuing our work with our insurance partner to resolve outstanding insurance difficulties for Christchurch home owners.”
CERA Chief Executive Roger Sutton says, “Securing insurance for newly built homes in these zones is a critical step toward getting Christchurch families back in to these areas and into new homes.”

2 February 2012 Update

23 October 2012 Update

David Stringer of InsuranceWatch is running a series of small clinics to provide some intensive discussion, feedback and advice relating to insurance issues for local residential property owners.
These clinics are strictly limited to around 20 people to ensure that information can be specifically tailored directly to the needs of attendees. RSVPs are essential and will be on the basis of first-come-first-served. Donations gatefully received to help cover venue hire.
The upcoming clinics will be held as follows:
Sat 3 November 9am-10-30am: Mt Pleasant community "hut"
Sat 10 November 10-12-30am: Mt Pleasant community "hut"
Sat 24 November 10am - 12-00, Southshore Community Drop In Centre, Rockinghorse Road
Sat 1st December 10am - 12-00, Southshore Community Drop In Centre, Rockinghorse Road
Sat 8 December 9-30 - 11-30am. Mt Pleasant community "hut"
To reserve your place, please email your name and contact details (ie address, phone number) and the date of the session you wish to attend to:
Mt Pleasant clincs:

27 September Update

  • We've added a new "Pace of Progress" press release and chart to   which compares the progress (or lack of) by insurers with several key steps in assessing and resolving repair and rebuild issues. Take a look, and spread the word!
  • We've also added a full cross-tabulated breakdown by insurer for each of the questions in our baseline survey, so now you can check how your insurer compared to the others on any of the survey questions.
  • If you are an ASB-IAG policy holder and experiencing a policy wording disagreement which has reduced the apparent value of your claim, you may be interested in joining or supporting legal action being considered by Ross Walker. His contact information is:
  • We're looking for a volunteer able to perform a small amount of web-based research work - perhaps ten or twenty minutes, two or three times a week. If you can reliably spare that time for the foreseeable future, please get in touch.
  • A public meeting for AMI/SR customers has been confirmed for November 7 and we hope to confirm the date of a Lumley meeting in the next few days. Keep an eye on for details.
  • Our first followup survey will be announced in about three weeks - we look forward to your updated responses then. We know the baseline survey has helped direct attention and resources to where they are most needed to help resolve insurance and EQC issues. With your help, we hope to continue doing so. All the best with your own rebuild or repair situation! The InsuranceWatch Team == to unsubscribe from these notices, visit

2 July Update

CERA - Port Hills Community Meetings
The meetings are an opportunity for Port Hills residents to gain more information about specific geotechnical issues from experts with local knowledge of the area covered by each meeting to answer any questions.
Meeting Schedule – Summary

No Day Date Start Finish Type Venue Address
1 Monday 2 July 6.30pm 8.30pm Red Sumner School
New Hall
15 Colenso St
2 Tuesday 3 July 6.30pm 8.30pm White Sumner School
New Hall
15 Colenso St
3 Wednesday 4 July 6.00pm 8.00pm Red Church of St Mary 2 Martindales Rd, Heathcote Valley
4 Thursday 5 July 1.00pm 3.00pm Green Lyttelton Club 23 Dublin St
5 Thursday 5 July 6.00pm 8.00pm Green Cashmere HS Rose St
6 Friday 6 July 1.00pm 3.00pm Green Sumner School
Old Hall
Wiggins St
7 Monday 9 July 6.30pm 8.30pm Green Woolston 43 Hargood St
8 Tuesday 10 July TBC TBC TBC Rapaki TBC

Not happy with your recent land zoning decisions? 

  • Went GREEN but still have concerns?
  • Stayed WHITE but want to go red?
  • Stayed WHITE but want to go green?
  • Went RED and are not happy with decision?  

Some members of the public effected by the change have formed groups.     Click here to find out more

Facing insurance discussions and decisions?

The news and information at should be a helpful resource. As the survey has now been widened to cover all of Canterbury, please DO tell your friends, family or work colleagues about it. Greater numbers taking the survey increases everyone's confidence in the results, and thus gives more traction to InsuranceWatch's efforts to motivate insurers to improve their acts for everyone.

Sumner Disaster Response Group
Have been meeting since June last year to document and formulate a strategy to cope in the event of another major disaster.The initial group now needs to expand, and that hopefully means to you, as this needs the community to work There will be a meeting on Wednesday the 11 July 2011 at the Sumner Rugby Club Rooms at 7:30 pm (St Leonards square, Campbell St)  The meeting will : 1.  Introduce you to the Disaster Response Plan.2.  Identify volunteers and desired roles in the group (hub, vulnerable care, first response, communications, logistics)3.  See you meeting some people
Disaster response newsletter

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